May 18, 2022

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About Us

The Westfield Voice is the objective student press of Westfield State University. Founded in 1964, as Westek, The Westfield Voice has undergone many changes. The name, the staff, and the offices have changed. But one thing that remains the same is the commitment to quality journalism and writing that appears in print and now online.

If you want to comment on something you read in an article, have a complaint, or want to have your voice heard, please send your “letter to the editors” to [email protected] Please be sure to indicate whether you want your name to be included with your letter.

If you would like to write for The Westfield Voice, email us at [email protected] We are always looking for student input and you can virtually write about anything! It’s a great feeling to have something that you’ve written and worked on in print or online. We accept articles at 5:00 p.m. of the Monday before the anticipated publication date.

Editorial Staff

Interim Editor-in-Chief Matthew Carlin ’17 [email protected]
Managing Editor Matthew Carlin ’17 [email protected]
Online Managing Editor Zachary Va ’17 [email protected]
Layout and Design Editor Gina Muller ’17 [email protected]
Head Copy Editor Nicholas Sarnelli ’16 [email protected]
Assistant Copy Editor Monique Desnoyers ’17 [email protected]
Assistant Copy Editor William Sondrini ’18 [email protected]
Features Editor Sydney Castonguay ’18 [email protected]
Opinions & Editorials Editor (vacant) (vacant)
Arts & Entertainment Editor Caroline Chizek ’17 [email protected]
Sports Editor Michael Barry ’16 [email protected]
Photography Editor Delaney Gembis ’18 [email protected]
Advertising Manager Justin Connolly ’16 [email protected]
Circulation Manager (vacant) (vacant)
Faculty Advisor Dr. Glen Brewster [email protected]
Faculty Advisor Dr. George Layng [email protected]

The chair of our editorial board is our layout and design editor Gina Muller ’17.

To view The Westfield Voice print edition in PDF form, click here.