Center targets on helping California to grow its Electric vehicle development

California is one of North America’s states showing progressive electric vehicles’ adoption and renewable energy sources. The state policymakers have set up incentives and policies that motivate the people to invest in clean energy products. However, it is currently working on investing in transportation innovation by expanding the EVs’ ecosystem, focusing on adopting these cars and developing these cars. This move is bold and crucial but a step closer to a state with clean air and stable income.

On March 11th, the Californian Mobility Center was officially launched in Sacramento. It is a new facility aiming to help transportation companies in their early stages to boost the state currently leading in the electric cars’ export sector. The Chief Operating Officer of CMC, Mark Rawson, stated that California is the number one EV market in the Western Hemisphere. He explained that the state comes seconds to China, which is currently in the lead in the electric vehicle market. Also, California is the place that holds the most progressive policies explaining why it is the leading driver in the mobility market future in the electrification sector, mobility new business plans and shared mobility. This fact is evident since the state is among the leading countries in EV adoption and development of renewable energy sources.

CMC aims to improve the number of startup companies by providing a traditional incubator setting and offering the necessary support to navigate through the automotive industry. Mark Rawson explained that CMC would act as the entry point for these early-stage firms and give them plans to ease their navigation in the market. There will be friction points reduction and a fast commercialization process.

Grooming California to become the next-gen transportation home is no secret strategic plan for people in the EV community. Former 2020 Presidential candidate Tom Steyer stated the transportation sector as “at an inflection point.” Tom is a big supporter of Governor Gavin Newson’s plans to clean the state, build a task force to assist in Job Recovery and Business. He stated that America is beyond writing strategic goals, but they execute these plans, which is a disruptive process. However, he commented on California’s situation, claiming that it has a renewed push to sustainability and electric vehicles’ mass adoption.

Rawson said that the company’s reason for choosing Sacramento, claiming that the city is the centre point making it accessible for all and, most importantly, is a natural site for Silicon Valley firms. Besides, the city is a place with many innovation companies’ trends due to real estate and living costs. This milestone is a few steps closer to a cleaner and innovative California.

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