Shifting to Renewable Energy Will Save Texans Hundreds of Dollars Per Annum

Texas Power Switch, which is a Texas-based power aggregator, has announced to provide 100% clean, renewable energy to residential customers without any extra costs. This will help Texans decrease their power bills and get reliable and clean energy.

The shift to renewable energy is expected to decrease residential greenhouse gas emissions by around 22,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per home annually, depending on average household usage. This is the same as getting 2.2 vehicles off the Texas road or heating 1.2 households for a whole year. It would be an essential step in decreasing indirect emissions associated with home power usage.

There before, renewable energy was considered to be a bit expensive compared to other forms of energy. However, this is not the case today. JP Harper, Texas Power Switch North America’s Vice President, said that this is a crucial step, and they want to make renewable energy easily accessible, available, and affordable to everyone.

Texas Power Switch has been in the energy industry since 2017, and they hope to expand its energy portfolio. For those years, the company has been collaborating with cities offering residential customers a no-obligation and no-cost plan to help them reduce their power bills via group buying power.

Interested people and businesses who want to enrol in the program need to register through the company’s website, which is at It is essential to note that to register if free and no obligations to shift to renewable energy provided the client is pleased with the current supplier power plan. From there, Texas Power Switch will then negotiate for the best deal with a retail electric provider on behalf of its clients. The company will bid via a reverse energy auction to get the authority to serve the clients. The appealing rates are handed over to the registrants, and then it is up to every individual to take up the offer or decline it.

The next auction is planned to take place on 26th January. If many people register before that date, then Texas Power Switch will secure a good rate for program participants. So far, more than 40000 Texans have taken part in this program, with each household saving about $452 annually. Those who joined this program there before are happy with it, and they will continue with it. Some participants gave their views. For example, Renee, who hails from Lewisville, said that the registering process was simple and easy to follow. She added that she has already received her first power bill, and it is almost half of what she was paying her previous provider.

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