Electric Vehicles hit the Super Bowl; The U.K. new green investment bank

With the current market trends, it is quite evident that the complete move to electric vehicles is inevitable and coming fast. And if you are not yet convinced, you can look at The U.K.’s Super Bowl advertisements. The sustainability movement is moving to the mainstream. On February 7th, during the National Football League Championship Game, the fresh green project advertisement was everywhere. General Motors Co., under a commercial company, aired a comedian stating that the U.S. will beat Norway in the race to produce electric vehicles.

Will Ferrell, a comedian, went ahead to state that soon everyone will dry an Electric Vehicle. This advertisement comes after the Company pledges to become carbon neutral in the next fifteen years. General Motors Co. also has a short-term goal of turning 40% of their car models in the United States into electric cars by 2025. They also plan to offer the 30 all-electric models to the global market in the same year.

We focus on the inevitable move to electric cars and the global market research on the same matter in these times. This move aims to decarbonize the energy sector since the environment faces multiple crises due to emissions from fueled vehicles. With the many Governments seeking electrifying vehicles, experts keep on fore sighting the sales in the coming years.

For the U.K., it is working on a national infrastructure bank to help achieve the zero-emissions target after The Green Investment trials in the past. The Green Investment bank’s primary goal was to help the United Kingdom complete this move in the best way possible for all. It was set up in 2012 but was later sold to the Australian government. In the recent talk in the ESG Insider Podcast, the discussion revolved around the World’s Economic Forum.

In the recent past, the forum seemed to focus more on Electric Vehicles and the U.K. Green Investment Bank’s controversial sale. Also, the new national infrastructure bank. Various experts analyzed the charts regarding electric vehicles. From a well-detailed analysis, it is clear that electric vehicle sales will keep rising in this decade. Why not, with the many Governments trying to make a complete turn to electric vehicles.

As mentioned earlier, the market trends currently show the rise of sales of electric vehicles. This fact makes many vehicles manufacturing companies aim to help people settle on electric cars. And General Motors Co is one of these companies. The future of the energy industry seems bright and hopeful. But time will tell the result on the matter.

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