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In Latin America, Atlas Renewable Energy is the largest clean energy producer for corporate PPAs, and it is in the top ten globally



Atlas Renewable Energy listed as the leading clean energy producer selling green energy to commercial buyers in the Latin America during the year 2020, according to Bloomberg NEF’s 1H 2021 Corporate Energy Market Outlook released on Jan. 26, 2021, and held 6th position worldwide with over half a gigawatt secured for the private off-takers in the area.

This achievement includes a groundbreaking lengthy Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Anglo-American, which is a natural resources corporation, in which the Casablanca initiative, Atlas Renewable Energy’s 349MW solar plant facility situated in Minas Gerais, will be able to give clean energy to its activities in Brazil. Casablanca is currently the biggest bilateral solar PPA in the Latin America.

Atlas Renewable Energy has concluded a groundbreaking agreement with the Brazilian affiliate of Dow Chemical, one of the world’s largest petrochemical corporations. The energy for the venture will come from the Atlas Renewable Energy’s Jacaranda solar power plant, which will offer clean energy to the Dow’s operations in Bahia under a novel deal framework that tackles solar intermittency as well as offers a 24h energy providing by swapping surplus solar power throughout the day with other renewable energy sources which can generate at night, thus servicing a consistent energy load.

Both ventures are part of these corporations’ ambitious sustainability targets, which include reducing CO2 emissions and cleaning up their energy matrix, a pattern that is quickly being embraced and applied in Latin America by major energy users in the natural resources as well as chemical sectors. Furthermore, both initiatives are distinguished by similarly innovative and ambitious social group engagement activities that promote diversity and inclusion.

We are incredibly proud of the consistent growth which Atlas Renewable Energy has been able to achieve in recent years, continuously providing our clients with customized energy solutions. Moving forward, we foresee ourselves striving to evolve in this space to help businesses and organizations minimize their carbon footprint while at the same time also lowering their energy bills,” stated Carlos Barrera, Chief executive officer of Atlas Renewable Energy. “The private industry has become more aware of the importance of operating sustainably. As a result, large energy consumers must procure renewable energy, and Atlas will help them find innovative and smarter ways to increase their acceptance of cleaner energy sources.”

Corporate PPA operation in Latin America reached 1.5GW in the year 2020, as per Bloomberg NEF’s study, which monitors corporate renewable energy trends. Of that, 1,047MW was acquired in Brazil, the area’s largest economy as well as the clean energy sector. PPA volumes in Brazil approximately doubled from the year 2019 to the year 2020, with solar contracts accounting for nearly 80% of the increase, indicating a strong regional shift toward solar energy.

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