Here’s Everything We Know About Gun Smoke- Where Was Filmed, Who Was In It, And How Many Episodes Were There?

Gunsmoke was a television series that aired from 1955 to 1975 and is regarded as one of the longest-running prime-time dramas ever. There were 635 episodes in total, with some exterior shots shot in Johnson Canyon near Kanab, Utah. The setting for Gunsmoke is Dodge City, Kansas in the 1870s.

Gun Smoke- Where Was Filmed, Who Was In It, And How Many Episodes Were There?

Gunsmoke was an American television western that aired on CBS for 20 seasons between 1955 and 1975, making it the longest-running prime-time television western ever. The series was the highest-rated show from 1957 to 1961, and it maintained outstanding ratings throughout its run.

Gun Smoke- Where Was Filmed, Who Was In It, And How Many Episodes Were There

Where Was Gun Smoke Filmed?

Three miles outside of Kanab, a copy of the Hollywood set was built. This movie set in Johnson Canyon is maybe the largest in the Kanab area. Although it is still visible from the road, it is inaccessible due to its overall state of decay.

The protagonist of this fantastic adult Western is Dodge City Marshal Matt Dillon. Instead of accepting the offer, John Wayne suggested James Arness (who remained for its entire run). It debuted on radio (with William Conrad as Dillon) before being broadcast on television in September 1955. Its popularity generated a slew of imitators, but none could match the length of this masterpiece (or consistency).

The Cast Of Gun Smoke:

Miss Kitty Russell (Amanda Blake), the operator of the Long Branch Saloon, which doubled as a bordello; Doc Adams (Milburn Stone), the town’s expert physician; and Deputy Marshal Chester Goode (Dennis Weaver), Dillon’s loyal sidekick, were among the supporting cast members. Festus Haggen took Weaver’s position when he left the show in 1964. (Ken Curtis).

The majority of the episodes had Dillon and his friends confronting robbers, thieves, and other threats that have rushed in from the plains. The vast majority of fights happened as a result of an outsider intruding into the small, tight-knit group and causing a disturbance. The show did contain shoot-outs, as the title suggests. However, the psychological drama and difficult challenges dealt with moral ambiguity rather than a high-octane fight, which contributed to the show’s long-term appeal.

How Many Episodes Does Gun Smoke Have?

Between 1955 and 1975, the show aired 635 episodes. The set’s ruins can be found in Johnson Canyon, albeit they’ve deteriorated significantly over time. The structures are on private property, and approaching them too closely is dangerous due to their status. To see them, you must look from the opposite side of the fence. These antique structures are wonderful to watch even as they rust and decay. Though the Gunsmoke set is progressively deteriorating, we are grateful that Utah played a significant role in the show’s history.

Matt’s high-strung Dodge City sidekick, Chester Goode, appears in early episodes till season 9. He walks with a pronounced limp, which he claims is the result of a previous military injury. Despite the fact that he is commonly referred to as a deputy, he does not wear a badge or carry a weapon. Technically, he is responsible for assisting in the jail, cleaning the office, running errands, and making coffee.


He is, nevertheless, always ready to aid Matt in apprehending criminals because he is brave and motivated. Throughout the first three years of the series, look for Quint Asper, a half-Comanche blacksmith and Festus’s good buddy, played by a young Burt Reynolds, among the town’s crafters.

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