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Is Magic In Black Clover Superior To That In Fairy Tail? Summary And Characters Below

Fantasy manga and anime, like Western literature, are replete with magical elements. Because a series is based solely on the concept of magic, it is less common to develop separate mythologies around it. When stories like Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tale and Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover are told about magicians, they become more than just a novelty act.

It’s understandable that there’s a lot of debate about how the two shows compare because they share so much in common. Black clover, on the other hand, is king when it comes to magic. There’s a clear winner in this race. In no way am I saying that black clover has no value. Overall, this is a better series; however, the less interesting villain and the conflicting reactions to the protagonist Asta (in particular, her voice) show otherwise. However, when it comes to magic, Tabata has created a system that is more dynamic and, more importantly, more durable.

Most Significant Differences Between The Two Branches

Mashima’s and Tabata’s approaches to magic are more often similar than dissimilar. As a result, this is where a fair comparison must begin. The more accurate statement is that Tabata formalized the work of Mashima on his concept of magic. The most significant differences between the two branches of magic are found in the methods used to teach magic and the degree to which magic’s power is tied to the person who uses it.

There’s a lot of magic in it, and it can supposedly be learned by anyone with the necessary magical strength. Many Dragon Slayers, including Lucy and Grey, were taught their powers by other users of the same type of magic or at least its root. Enchanted fairy tale characters like Mashima have greater adaptability than their black clover counterparts, but their power is less distinct in many situations.

Magical Powers Of The Characters

A search for “black clover” was evident in Tabata’s actions. It is impossible to separate the characters’ magical powers from their identities. Using themes such as grimoires and magical properties, he accomplishes this goal effectively. The first of these is of critical import. A grimoire is a book of spells that a person receives at the age of fifteen or later and which contains spells that only the owner of the book has access to. They grow with their users, beginning as largely empty and gradually adding new spells as the user gains experience.

The enchantments of black clover Everything from fire to water to air to earth to light and dark magic is included. Mage magic can only be used by those who have been born with a particular attribute. To put it simply, this means that black clover mags are toxic.

Families like the Vermilion and Silva may have only one type of magic, like fire or water magic. Even so, each person’s spells from that attribute are unique to their own grimoires.” Each character’s importance is underscored by these two concepts. In addition to this, a mage’s grimoire and all of his learned spells are lost with his death.


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