July 4, 2022

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Chapter 69: SSS-Class Suicide Hunter- What Will Be Next? What Is Viper’s Desire?

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The SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 69 will focus on the message Viper and the Sword Saint brought with them. During a training exercise, they happened to run upon Kim and the Heavenly Demon. There was a pressing need for them to talk with them, so they made the trip to the training field to see them right away. They called because they thought they had learned about their arrangement through Cult members. This is all you need to know about the next chapter.

Fans may expect to find out what the Sword Saint and Viper want from the celestial monster in the next chapter. In the meantime, Kim’s Sword Art instructor will be teaching him new techniques. Kim’s fight against the hungry undead will also be shown in this chapter.

Suicide Hunter: What’s Happens Next In The SSS Series?

The previous chapter ended with Kim releasing all four types of famine. Prior to continuing his training with the Heavenly Demon, Sword Saint and Viper had arrived to meet with Baekhyang and discuss the matter. As a result of this, it’s safe to assume that these two people have been summoned to join the terrible Cult immediately. Whether or if the Cult knows about Kim’s first encounter with his master, no one has said so.

Kim didn’t belong in the Cult in the first place. Only children who have been abandoned by their parents or guardians are allowed to join the Order, as the Sword Emperor explained before. Both Baekhyang and the Cult now know that he is training with them. Is the Cult on board with this agreement? The answer may be found in SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 69.

Chapter 69  SSS-Class Suicide Hunter- What Will Be Next What Is Viper's Desire

This chapter of SSS-Class Suicide began with Kim shouting over Baekhyang’s lack of respect for his Sword of Starvation abilities. Heavenly Demon’s temperament changed dramatically when engaged in combat with the undead who were urgently seeking to satisfy their thirst. In the lady’s opinion, his sword appeared to be unarmed and inactive. Meanwhile, Preta had returned to the camp with the bodies of those who had died of starvation.

To teach Kim about Simgyeol’s Core from the Heavenly Demon, which was holding him. Close your eyes and see yourself as a starving person, she said. To him, famine tasted like a combination of muck, sunlight, and river water.

It also tasted like he was surrounded by a group of young children. He was instructed to recall the day his mother fed him scraped apples. Similarly, when I was thirsty, I felt the same way. After following Baekhyang’s directions, Kim released the Sword of Starvation’s initial incarnation at the end of the chapter.

Chapter 69: Publication Date For The SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

Suicide Hunter’s next chapter will focus on Kim’s training with Baekhyang. SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 69 will be released on April 6, 2022, at the earliest. Only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage will fans be able to read the entire manhwa. As a result, keep an eye out for updates on The Anime Daily.


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