Charlotte Crosby And Jake Ankers Are Expecting Their First Child Together!!

In the wake of a string of rocky relationships, the former Geordie Shore star’s good news coincides with her appearances on shows like I’m a Celeb and Ex on the Beach. In this week’s episode, we take a look at the 31-year-journey old’s from ectopic pregnancy to Twitter rejection.

When the two met on the show in 2011, they started dating in 2011, but Gaz was scared to commit, and their relationship ended in a horrible split.

Content Of The Video And The Post With Boyfriend Jake Ankers

Just as the couple was getting back on track, Charlotte suffered a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy in 2016. On the other hand, Gaz had travelled to Thailand to film ex-on-the-beach and decided to stay on the show rather than return home.

Charlotte Crosby And Jake Ankers Are Expecting Their First Child Together!!

To avoid any further contact with her ex-boyfriend, Charlotte left Geordie Shore because of her new location.

Charlotte’s happy news comes six years after an ectopic pregnancy, which might have been fatal to the mother and the child. In candid interviews and social media posts, she said that the breakup with on-again, off-again co-star Gary Beadle had left her feeling bereaved.

Charlotte has found love again after her summer breakup with ex-boyfriend Liam Beaumont. The reality star was rumoured to have moved into Jake’s house at the end of last year.

Charlotte expressed their delight at the news of her pregnancy.

It was “A moment I wasn’t sure would ever be mine,” Charlotte wrote on Instagram after sharing the happy news with family and friends. My (and Jake’s) time has come, and I am ecstatic to share it with you all. “I’m going to have a baby.”

Also, she received her first ultrasound scan, which she described as a “tiny heartbeat” with wit and charm. As Charlotte Crosby confessed, she never expected to be a mother. Mother Letitia burst into tears at the news, embracing Jake and Gary before telling them that they had ‘never seen Charlotte more happy’ in their lives.

Gary agreed, saying, “I’ve never seen her so happy Jake.”

Charlotte and Jake had kept their relationship a secret until announcing their engagement in January, meeting through mutual friends.

There is no information regarding Jake Ankers’ age or birthdate online. He appears to be in the mid-to-late 30s at this time. Inquiries have been made into all of his family members, including his parents. A look at his Instagram bio shows that he is both a businessman and a food fanatic.

Charlotte is now living in the luxury apartment he owns in the heart of Manchester. Her TV appearances and Instagram endorsements have boosted her fortune to an estimated £2 million by 2022.

Geordie Shore co-star Gaz Beadle was Charlotte’s first serious relationship, and it was turbulent. Charlotte’s ectopic pregnancy shattered their romantic relationship.

As Jemma Lucy was undergoing life-saving surgery, Beadle was filming Ex on the Beach. On learning this, Charlotte cut all relations with him and departed Geordie Shore quickly, despite her wish to make amends.

Stephen Bear and Joshua Ritchie met in 2017 and 2019 respectively. Jake Ankers, whom Charlotte met through mutual contacts in November 2021, is her current boyfriend. Their first kid will be born in April 2022, the couple said.

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