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The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 14 Recap Of “Potluck”

When almost everyone in The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 14 accidentally eats a hallucinogenic chemical, the doctors are transformed into patients. While he was sober, Shaun’s pickiness helped him. There weren’t enough others to balance him out with the majority of the crew out of commission. It’s not surprising that he and Glassman got into a fight!

When Will “The Good Doctor” Season 5 Episode 14 Be Released?

Because he used Nurse Jerome’s magic mushrooms instead of cilantro, Asher’s sweet potatoes were poisoned. Even if it was an accident, I’m sure there will be consequences. Andrews may not mind if it helps him repair his relationship with Lim.

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 14 Recap Of Potluck

During surgery on The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 14, Dr. Lim sees a rattlesnake coming from the patient’s legs and informs her colleagues. However, there was no snake to be found. The hospital employees were given a hallucinogenic while eating at the corporate picnic.

The asylum was a dreadful place. Doctors and nurses needed to be treated in the midst of the commotion, resulting in a personnel shortage. Those affected included doctors Lim, Park, Wolke, and even Lea. Who, what, and why did they get poisoned?

Dr. Glassman, Shaun’s mentor, had a falling out over his differing medical beliefs. Glassman, on the other hand, removed him from the surgery, which he found infuriating. When Shaun disagrees with the medication, will he learn to regulate his emotions?

Asher used crushed-up mushrooms by accident. Lea was correct in describing it as psychedelic because the mushrooms were producing the symptoms. They were able to address the symptoms after determining what was causing them.

However, other events occurred before a solution could be devised. Lim and Andrews were able to express themselves for the first time.

They made fun of each other. He was branded a “multifaceted maverick” after being accused of overdressing to show off how hard he worked out. They both uttered heinous things until they began to say pleasant things.

They came to an arrangement. They were now friendly, if not friends. Shaun and Glassman worked together during surgery to overcome their disagreements, and Glassman even let Shaun take the lead in saving a man’s life.

Morgan was in charge of the operation. She did, however, speak to her partner once she was through. One of the people who had been drugged was Alex. In his intoxicated state, he moaned that he didn’t want to put his recliner in the den, so he planned to keep it in the living room.

Before he was drugged by the sweet potatoes, Alex hadn’t had the courage to tell her that, but he was glad he did, and Morgan received his warning that it was either the living room or bust.

As everyone was descending from their high, Asher questioned Jerome as to why he hadn’t been introduced to Jerome’s frat buddies. Asher initially assumed that his companion was embarrassed by him.

Jerome, on the other hand, was self-conscious about his appearance. He didn’t fit in with the rest of the frat brothers. He didn’t want Asher to see him in that way, and he didn’t encourage him to hang out with his friends until he saw it was hurting him.


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