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Gray Defeats The Bullies In Chapter 183 Of Weak Hero! Date Of Publication

This week will see the release of Weak Hero Chapter 183. A dramatic action sequence is also being developed. In the last episode, the teenager who used to tease Gale in Gray’s absence paid a severe price for it.

Grey Takes On The Bullies In Weak Hero Chapter 183! Release Date

Gray, on the other hand, spared him the beating. Instead, his elders detected him lying to them. As a result, he invited Gray to play billiards with him at the highest level. Is Gray’s life in danger this time? Here’s everything we know about Weak Hero Chapter 183 thus far. Continue reading till the very end.

The bully’s most recent mission did not go well. He was assaulted by his seniors while planning to beat up Gale on the rooftop. And when Gray finds out what he did while he was gone, he’ll face much more fury.

In the next chapter, we’ll return to the usual academics. Gale’s bullies, on the other hand, are going to do everything they can to help him this time.

The bully told the seniors at the end of the chapter that he would give Yeon Gray to them, which is why he invited him to play pool with him. The protagonist of Weak Hero Chapter 183 will now travel to the rooftop to see the seniors. It will be fascinating to see how this conflict develops over time.

By the time the bullies catch you, it’s too late. Tyrants rule the school, and one of their favorite pastimes is torturing the school’s most vulnerable students. The next person to emerge was Gray.

This enigmatic stranger poses a serious threat to the status quo. Despite his small stature, he fights methodically and relentlessly, leaving his opponents begging for mercy. The worst bullies in school have been forced to flee since the appearance of this strange new Hero.

Gray wonders why Gale hasn’t called him yet in the 182nd chapter of Weak Hero. The narrative then cut to a scenario in Gale’s classroom, where two students begged him to give them his notebook, and when he refused, they plotted to bully him.

Gale recognized he wouldn’t be able to defeat them. As a result, the only option was to surrender. At this point, Yeon Gray joined the class, and the bullies tried to bother him as well.

Date of Publication

The high school brawls will continue in the next story. Gray Yeon, on the other hand, is always thinking about the broader picture. This week, on April 13, 2022, Weak Hero Chapter 183 will be released.

All of the manhwa’s chapters will be available exclusively on the official Naver, webtoon, and Kakaopage pages for fans to read.

On the official Weak Hero website, Chapter 183 Manga Online will be published this week. Weak Hero Chapter 183 is available to read online. Raw scans are likely to be found on a variety of manga websites and YouTube videos, but we recommend reading from reputable sources.

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