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When Will Kingdom Chapter 716 Be Released? Plotline And More!

Kingdom Chapter 716’s release date has been announced. The Japanese manga series Kingdom, written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara, can be found online. One of the main plot points involves an orphaned soldier named Xin trying to become the greatest commander in the sky in order to reunite China after 500 years of war.

Kingdom Chapter 716 Release Date, Storyline, And More

It began serialization on January 26, 2006, with Shueisha releasing 64 volumes of episodes as of February 18, 2022, in Weekly Young Jump.

The raw scans of Kingdom Chapter 716 will be released this week, so there is still time to get your hands on a copy. However, viewers may assume that the Qin army is in trouble based on the narrative thus far. At this point, the story has been building for the last 10 chapters. As a result, the Qin army realizes that they have fallen into a trap.

Since they crossed Atsuyo, Riboku knew they were on their way to Gian. Consequently, he prepared for the final battle. Will Sei and Shin come up with a plan B? Everything you need to know about the newest chapter is here in one place.

The second part of Riboku’s strategy will be explained in the next chapter. It isn’t just about getting Qin into Gian’s territory; he intends to strike in a series of stages. Because of this, it’s going to be interesting to see how the two sides respond.

After the release of Chapter 715 on April 10th, 2022 comes the release of Chapter 716. With only 16 days until the next episode, it should be available on April 17, 2022.

Every general in the Qin army had realized they had walked right into a trap by the final panel of the preceding chapter. Here, they will take responsibility for their mistakes and devise a plan to fix them. The most shocking development of the conflict will be Kanki’s abandonment of them in the heat of battle.

The King is not going to like the idea that a large portion of their troops is going to desert them. This war can only be won by fleeing Gian because there are only so many men available.

However, their chances of escaping are slim because they are surrounded on all sides. Thus, Qin’s troops will have to devise a strategy for fighting in restricted areas. An effective military strategy is their only hope of winning the war they desire. Kingdom Chapter 716 will focus on Qin’s war-room negotiations with his generals.

Yamanashi Hara, the author of The Kingdom, is one of Japan’s most well-known manga artists. There is a strong focus in the manga on the adventures of war orphans Xin and his companions as they strive to become the greatest general in Heaven. Shueisha Weekly Young Jump manga magazine published the manga in January 2006, and 61 Tankbon volumes were released in April 2021.


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