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Who Is Mair Mulroney? Everything You Need To Know, Net Worth, Age, Family, And More

Mair Mulroney, better known as ThatGirlMair, is a multi-award-winning American actor, musician, composer, singer, songwriter, and model. Mary Alice Mulroney was born in Washington, D.C., on June 7, 1989, to Mary Patricia Denney and Thomas Joseph Mulroney. Her forefathers and mothers originated in Ireland, England, Germany, the Netherlands, and Czechoslovakia.

Mulroney attended James Madison High School in Vienna, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C., and subsequently Randolph Macon Military Academy in Front Royal. To pursue a professional career in the entertainment industry, she completed her studies at the University of Nebraska through online homeschooling. She modeled and performed during her high school years. When Mulroney was a teenager, he secured a distribution deal with Warner Music Group.

Few Words About Mair Mulroney-Net Worth, Age, Family

Mary Patricia Denney and Thomas Joseph Mulroney gave birth to her at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C. She grew up in Vienna, Virginia, and attended James Madison High School and Front Royal’s Randolph Macon Military Academy. She went on to complete her education at the University of Nebraska via online homeschooling in order to seek a job in the entertainment industry.

Who Is Mair Mulroney? Everything You Need To Know-Net Worth Age Family And More

Since then, she’s been in a number of commercials and short films. She’s also a member of Mr. Solo Musik’s K.I.S.S. musical duo (Keep It Simple, Stupid). The sitcom Crazy Ex-Girlfriend featured her song “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.”Mair is presently based in Los Angeles, California, where she has worked as a commercial actress for a number of companies and brands, including Apple, Purina, LG, Microsoft, AT&T, J.W. Marriott, Tostitos, SyFy, Jimmy Choo, Avid (ProTools), Twitter, Mini Cooper, Fallout 76, and American Express.

Mair Mulroney’s current net worth is $570,000, which is primarily based on her projected salary and income of $156,600 as a television actress. According to her birth date, Mair Mulroney is 34 years old.

Mair Mulroney made her acting debut in the film Furry Hamster from Hell, which was released in 2007. Despite only having been in the film industry for a few years, the actress has already made a name for herself.

Mair has a net worth of $2 million as of 2021, according to the source. Her several professions have enabled her to amass a large chunk of money, with Mair earning $100,000 per year working in the film industry.

Her achievements and awards

Her vocals and songs have also appeared in commercials and the Emmy Award-winning sitcom “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” She’s also appeared in music videos for Mike Posner, Katy Perry, and Missy Elliot, among others.

Mair is also renowned for playing a girlfriend in films like A Stupid Movie for Jerk, Corrupt Crimes, and Dhar Man. Mulroney has been in Apple, LG, Microsoft, Fallout 76, and Twitter advertisements.

Mair Mulroney, a well-known actress, and songwriter is married to her long-term partner, Robbie Law. They started dating in the spring of 2018 and have been together since.

Mair and Robbie are also outspoken about their lovey-dovey relationship, appearing on social media and in public on a regular basis. The lovebirds are rarely bashful about discussing their love life in specific interviews.


Through her acting career, the award-winning actress has amassed substantial wealth. She has 27 acting credits and four music department credits, according to her IMDb biography. The singer’s fortune has been aided by films such as Black Hole Sun, Losin’ It, Booking Jane, Dhar Mann opposite Katherine Norland, Sands of Fate: A Star Wars Story, Living in Quarantine, Unchained, The Valley, Murder in the Heartland, Loving Train, Shattered Dream, and Corrupt Crimes.


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