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“My Happy Marriage” Release Date, Cast, And Everything You Need To Know About The Anime

Japan’s manga series, My Happy Marriage, is a popular one. The main character of the manga, Miyo Saimiri, is born on a planet where people are born with special abilities that are inherited from their families in varying degrees of complexity.

Despite being born into a well-known family, Miyo has been cast aside by her own family because she lacks magical abilities. Everyone, even her half-sister, treats Miyo as if she were a servant. A bridesmaid for Kiyoka is arranged for Mimiyo, and she is taken there.

My Happy Marriage Manga English Release Date

In the show’s plot, a noble-born abused woman named Miyo will marry a cold-hearted soldier named Kiyoka. Regardless of the circumstances, the two must express their feelings to each other in order to maintain a peaceful relationship.

My Happy Marriage Release Date, Cast, And Everything You Need To Know About The Anime

As a lighter series, the original My Happy Marriage series was written and illustrated by Akumi Agitogi and Tsukiho Tsukioka in the early 2000s. Voice actors known throughout Japan will appear in Kinema Citrus: The Animated Series.

My Happy Marriage Anime’s official Twitter account announced the news on April 5, 2022. The text was allegedly being written at the time of the tweet’s publication. Additionally, it revealed who would be playing and voicing the most important characters.

The creators, on the other hand, went on to add more features. Fans were shown a brief teaser and a prominent image. This 1-minute video provides a general overview of the series.

My Happy Marriage could be said to have begun with these events. Only a small portion of the legendary Kiyoka Kudo made it through when Miyo, the main character, was the center of attention.

According to the positive feedback the photos have received, Studio Kinema Citrus has done an excellent job. It’s safe to say that excited fans are eager to get their hands on a specific release date.

It was announced on Twitter that new members of the production team would be joining us soon. As one of them, director Takehiro Kubota will step in. In addition to the scripts, Takao Abo will be in charge of the storyboards for the film. The music is also composed and performed by Evan Call.

Finally, the show will be developed by Studio Kinema Citrus, a renowned Japanese studio. Additionally, the voices of the two protagonists were included in the blog post. Reina Uda and Kaito Ishikawa will portray Miyo Saimori and Kiyoka Kudo, respectively.

A new love story awaits the series’ devotees. As a result of her family’s magical abilities, Miyu Saimori has lived her entire life. After a miserable life, her family decides to set her up for marriage with Kiyoka Kudo, only to make matters worse.

It’s possible that the reports about Kiyoka are true, in which case he’d be dangerous. Despite this, the man shows a different side of himself. My Happy Marriage, a new anime, is coming soon. The anticipation is palpable.


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