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Chapter 322 Of My Wife Is A Demon Queen, Release Date, Spoilers, And A Sneak Peek

My wife is a demon king’s daughter. Demon Queen Lilian bestows her horrifying skills on the Demon Tribe’s King in Chapter 322.

The Release Date, Spoilers, And The Sneak Peek For Chapter 322 Of My Wife Is A Demon Queen

The King of Demon Tribe attempts to assassinate Xiang Ye and Elisabeth after gaining new abilities; Lilian explains her reasons in the final chapter, and the King of Demon Tribe accepts her offer.

Chapter 322 Of My Wife Is A Demon Queen, Release Date, Spoilers, And A Sneak Peek


In the latest chapter of My Wife Is a Demon-Queen, the King of Demon Tribe grows after racing new skills. He thanks Lilian for her kindness and informs her that he has been reincarnated. The vice Demon Queen was astounded and wished for the same ability.

The Demon Tribe’s King will assassinate Xiang Ye, according to the veiled ghost. The Demon Tribe’s King demands that Lilian make him her right arm in the future since he will never let her down.

He makes it clear that he intends to improve the Demon Tribe. Lilian agrees with this and orders the troops to gather and march to the Human Empire’s border.

Because Isabella is a Demon Tribe member, she wanted to visit her as soon as possible. She, on the other hand, wants Xiang Ye to be captured alive and brought to her.

When will it be released?

My Wife Is a Demon Queen is one of the most popular series. This serial proved so successful within a few Chapters of its first publication that it now has a new Chapter.

Yes! My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 322 is already available, and a few chapters have already aired. Fans are so invested in this novel that they are eagerly anticipating the release of the next chapter, My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 322.

When will the next chapter, Chapter 322, be available? My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 322 was released on December 3, 2021.


There are no spoilers for the latest chapter of My Wife Is a Demon Queen at this time. Spoilers, on the other hand, are supposed to go up a day or two before the chapter is released. We’ll update this post if there are any spoilers. Until then, stay tuned.

Both the Demon Queen and the Demon Tribe King have hidden aspirations that they wish to remain hidden. They reveal their hidden ambitions in the manga’s last chapter, and while the Demon Queen wants an alliance with the Demon King, he reveals his own.

His major goal in attaining this power is to assassinate Xiang Ye and Elisabeth, two people he holds in high regard.

The mysterious Ghost Guy hopes that the King will finally put an end to Xiang Ye’s reign of terror. The King expresses his wish to be the Queen’s right-hand man and offers to go above and beyond her expectations on a regular basis.

The Queen complies with her wishes and even instructs the troops to prepare for the Human Empire’s arrival. In no time, they’ll be on their way to the Human Empire.

She even wishes they would track down Xiang Ye and bring him before her for an in-depth examination of his behavior. She wants to talk to Elisabeth, nevertheless, because their origins are similar to hers.

Despite her reservations about assassinating Xiang Ye and the fact that everyone is astonished by her decision, she simply states that he deserves to be rewarded. He has been looking after Elisabeth since then, and she is quite thankful.

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