July 3, 2022

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Redo Of Healer Season 2 Has Set Release Date!! Is The Show Still On The Air?

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Despite the criticism and disagreement that surrounded Redo Of Healer’s first season, there has been a strong desire for a second season. Only the most saintly corners of the internet dislike echi and harem stories. This is not the first time that people in the industry have expressed an interest in hearing more stories like this. In this example, Redo of Healer Season 2 incorporates not only the most obvious tale aspects, but also a compelling narrative element.

Redo Of Healer- Release Date And Plot

KaifukuJutsushi no Yarinaoshi, commonly known as Redo Of Healer, is a dark fantasy novel series that launched in December 2016 with the first volume, KaifukuJutsushi no Yarinaoshi. RuiTsukiyo, who also founded the franchise, invented it. Soon after the manga was published in 2017, the anime was revealed. Studio TNK’s first episode of the anime was released in January 2021. After all this time, the debate surrounding the second season has resurfaced.

Redo Of Healer Season 2 Has Set Release Date!! Is The Show Still On The Air

If we were to guess, Redo of Healer Season 2 would be released in 2022, if all goes according to plan. In any event, as we’ve seen in previous episodes, the anime’s chances of being revived are little to none.

Expected release date Of Healer Season 2

Following the first chapter, the audience was immediately intrigued by the prospect of seeing how the animation will continue in subsequent chapters. The new season is scheduled to launch no later than March 2022, despite the fact that the producers have yet to declare an official release date. The anime’s second season will have to wait till the formal announcement.

Expected Plot of Redo of Healer 

In the first season, the original content was only exhausted up to volume 3 of the 9 light volume series. Some say it’s adapted till volume 4, however a closer look reveals that the fourth book is only mentioned briefly in season one, thus technically it’s only adapted until the first few chapters of the fourth volume, which gives the programming very little to work with. To summarise, there are six more volumes that might be turned into action and adventure stories for the upcoming season.

Kayaru has been granted the chance to help others with their recuperation. The person thought he had been given a considerate present. However, he quickly morphed into a tool for others to achieve their objectives. The magician realised he was wasting his skills one day, but it was too late to do anything about it.

He was apprehended and detained. The sorcerer was able to travel four years back in time to the present using the “Philosopher’s Stone.” He swears to make amends for his mistakes and seek vengeance on those who have wronged him.


We can conclude from the aforementioned criteria that the authors are most likely planning a season 2 for the season. Season 2 might premiere in the autumn of 2022 or the beginning of 2023 if the recurrence is announced by the end of this year, given that anime production takes about 1 to 1.5 years. The recommended date, on the other hand, is merely a conjecture.

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