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Sasaki And Miyano New Season Has Been Confirmed! Release Date, Voice Cast And Everything You Need To Know

Sasaki and Miyano’s anime project has been confirmed by Kadokawa with an announcement image (above). The first season’s first 12 episodes began airing in January and ended today with the conclusion of the anime’s first season.

The official Japanese Twitter account for the anime tweeted immediately after the news broke that “Sasaki and Miyano’s youth will continue.”

Miyano and Sasaki’s primary cast includes

Miyano and Sasaki y Studio DEEN for the first season directed by Shinji Ishihara. Maki Fuji designed the characters, while Yoshiko Nakamura wrote the story. Kana Shibue composed the soundtrack.

Miyano and Sasaki's primary cast
  • Soma Saito portrays Yoshikazu Miyano in the film.
  • He’s called Shumei, and he is Yusuke Shirai. Sasaki
  • Yuma Uchida portrays the anime character Masato Hanazawa.
  • The taiga Hirano is Yoshitsugu Matsuoka’s character.
  • In the film, Ryohei Arai portrays Tasuku Kurosawa, the protagonist.
  • Akira Kagiura is played by Nobunaga Shimazaki in this production.
  • In the film’s Japanese version, Mitsuhiro Ichiki portrays Gonzaburo Tashiro.

It’s based on a manga series by Shou Harusono. The manga was serialized on Pixiv Comics and is now available in a single volume from Media Factory. Yen Press is publishing the manga in English, and the plot summary is as follows:

After meeting for the first time, the senior and junior were instantly attracted to each other, and so on. Despite Miyano’s self-professed expertise in boys’ love, he hasn’t yet realized this. The one and only, As a result, it’s up to Sasaki to make sure their tale ends happily!

The same author is currently serializing Hirano to Kagiura (Hirano and Kagura) in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Gene magazine.

For Sasaki and Miyano, the manga series by Shou Harusono provided the inspiration. There have been nine more tankoubon volumes published since the first one came out in 2016. The manga also inspired two light novels, a drama CD, and a spin-off manga starring Taiga and Akira Kagura. This work is currently being published by Gene Pixiv.

In the words of Yen Press, the publisher, the story goes like this:

As if a typical old-school boys’ love story: a bad-boy senior falls for an adorable, awkward first-year student. To his credit, Miyano thinks of himself as an expert on the subject of boy-to-boy romance. Consequently, Sasaki must ensure that their story ends happily!

Sasaki and Miyano top the weekly anime charts on Anime Trending

In 2016, Harusono published the first volume of the Sasaki and Miyano manga on the pixie website. Taiga and Akira Kagiura were also the inspiration for two light novels, a drama CD, and a spin-off manga. Harrison’s spin-off manga, Hirano to Kagura, served as an inspiration for the book’s plot and character developments.


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