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Season 2 Updates In Positively Yours Chapter 84! Information On The Release Date And More

The next chapter of Positively Yours is finally here, after a long wait. On the other hand, readers will have to wait a long time this time. The second season’s release has been postponed for the time being.

Season 2 Updates In Positively Yours Chapter 84!

Until then, the creators are giving side story chapters to fans. This week will see the release of Positively Yours Chapter 84, which is part of the same series.

Positively Yours Chapter 84

This time, fans are looking forward to seeing Byeo-Ri and Jun-Seo. Here’s all you need to know about the next chapter.

In the next chapter, Jang Tae-Woo and Kang Se-Hyun will meet for the first time. As seen in the last chapter, the other females are envious of Kang’s lack of interest in them. So it’ll be interesting to see where they go on their next date.

Byeo-Ri and Jun-Seo may make an appearance in a future episode of Positively Yours. As a result, buckle up and prepare to meet them in Chapter 84 of Positively Yours.

The chapter will be released on April 9, 2022. All chapters of the manhwa will be published on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage.

Jang Tae Woo and Kang Se Hyun clashed again on the 83rd episode of Positively Yours. Jang pressed him on why he didn’t seem to miss her as much as he used to.

He kissed her and informed her that he still missed her instead of responding to the question. Much later in the night, Jang realised they

had had a moment she would remember for the rest of her life. Kang called her later that night, pleading with her to come to his apartment.

She went there without thinking about it, believing he needed help. But it wasn’t at all what she had expected. Kang had only phoned her to offer her to stay with him for the night.

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The two of them were fairly close on campus the other day. As a result, the other lady got envious of Jang. At the end of the chapter, they arranged a date for the next day.

In the 83rd chapter, Se Hyun’s extra tale 2 came to a conclusion. For the preceding nine chapters, Positively Yours has been dealing with side plots. These outlines are only placeholders until the launch of the second season.

There is, however, still time till the sequel is released. In Chapter 84 of Positively Yours, Byeo-Ri and Jun-Seo may be reintroduced into the plot. Following their high school competitions, their story was also left unfinished.

As a result, the next chapter will focus specifically on their current relationship. In the past, all these two did was fight and make fun of each other, and things may not be the same now that they’re dating.

In the next episode of Positively Yours, we’ll see how these two are balancing high school and their personal lives. So far, that’s all we know; keep tuned for additional information.

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