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Super Dragon Ball Heroes: The Black Warriors’ Episode 43 Date Published

It’s taken a long time, but Toei Animation has finally released the most eagerly anticipated episode of SDBH. The previous episode was the last one to reveal the results of all the current match-ups. Goku and Vegeta were victorious in their separate fights.

It was discovered, however, that all of the contestants who had lost their bouts had been eliminated. Xeno Trunks, who was also ready to take on the Black Warriors, was enraged. In the upcoming episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the same storyline will be revisited. Here’s what you need to know about the episode:

Recap Of The Previous Episode Of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: The Black Warriors’

This means that Goku will now be tasked with preventing Xeno Trunks from battling in the next episode. There’s a significant likelihood that now that we know about the black warriors, they’ll be revealed in a later episode. Is it possible that these were the first to be culled?

The 42nd installment of SDBH was about to come to an end when the final seven minutes rolled around. There were two Gokus facing each other after both had defeated their opponents. This time in the battle, Yamcha has already defeated the Time Faries, allowing him to claim victory. Other competitors, on the other hand, will not proceed to the next round. The stadium was suddenly surrounded by a ring of combatants dressed in dark cloaks.

As far as the huge guy in the cloak was concerned, all of the participants who hadn’t returned were wiped out of existence. Xeno Trunks was enraged and contemplated attacking the leader as a result. Goku and Piccolo have an uncanny resemblance to the cloaked humans. The conflict had come to an end with the entrance of Aios. At the conclusion of the last episode, Aios revealed her role as the “Selector of Space-Time.

Afterward, What’s Going To Happen?

The theme of the next episode was made clear towards the end of the most recent one. The 43rd episode is titled “A Fierce Battle That Transcends Space-Time!” “Beware of the Warrior in Black! Xeno Trunks will confront the black cloak warriors in the next episode. As was the previous Supreme Kai of Time, as Goku and Piccolo discovered when they recognized the black soldiers.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 43, the mystery of the black-clad warriors will be revealed. According to Goku’s theory, these fighters were unable to participate in the previous battle. As a follow-up, the fight with Trunks will be examined in the following episode.

Date Of Publication:

Again the Saiyans are in danger from Black Warriors. The release date for the 43rd episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes has not yet been confirmed. Typically, the release date is announced a few days before the premiere. Because of this, we can expect the episode to air in April.


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You’re wrong if you think Dragon Ball Super and Super Dragon Ball Heroes are related. Unlike Super Dragon Ball, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is not a continuation of the original series. It is, after all, a game. It was created as a promotional and marketing tool.


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