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Vinnie Hacker Inked A New Tattoo In Middle Of His Chest, See What New Tattoo Means?

TikTok is clearly a tattoo aficionado based on Vinnie Hacker’s appearance. He has tattoos all over his body that are nowhere near finished. Every one of his tattoos conveys a different message. He’s an expert in more than a dozen physical disciplines, and he’s not ashamed to flaunt it.

Check Out Why Vinnie Hacker Inked A New Tattoo In The Middle Of His Chest?

Similarly, anytime he gets a new tattoo, he updates his friends and followers via various social media platforms. He’s already done it on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, showing his new tattoos.

Hacker’s collection of body art has recently expanded. He confirmed it to his admirers on his TikTok account @vhackerr and Twitter. The wings are painted exactly in the center of his chest using berserk-style ink. The Model of Sacrifice is depicted with skeleton wings in the artwork.

Hacker got the wings to make his tattoos more symmetrical while working with other artists, and they have nothing to do with Berserk. He received these new tattoos in addition to his “Break My Coronary Heart” and spider tattoos.

Black ink was used to create these, as well as the rest of his body art. On Twitter, someone asked Hacker to score his agony on a scale of one to ten, and he said “5-6.”

Vinnie Hacker Inked A New Tattoo In Middle Of His Chest

When TikToker showed off his new tattoo, many people were curious about his past anime-related body art.

As a result, on his TikTok anime account, @ichigostinysandalsv2, he went on a tattoo tour. Hacker has Berserk tattoos all over his body, including the Brand of Sacrifice, and one of the key characters, Guts, has a tattoo on his left forearm.

In black ink, he gets the top face of one-eyed blind Guts tattooed within a rectangle. The significance of the symbol originates from the fact that it honors a former mercenary who crisscrossed the globe in quest of his fate.

During a confrontation with a demon, he lost an eye when the monster seized him and gouged out his right eye. Hacker also has two JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure tattoos.

The first is imprinted on his right forearm: “Made in Heaven.” Because of the anime, he remarked in his TikTok video that he didn’t grasp it immediately away. However, he now claims that it was influenced by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

After Whitesnake and C-Moon, Made in Heaven are a Stand is the final step of metamorphosis.

TikTok’s second JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure inks are anime icons. He also has a Naruto-inspired tattoo on his torso. On his right biceps is a small insignia of Akatsuki, the famed Ninja group. He does have a Meliodas tattoo from The Seven Deadly Sins, though.

On his right wrist, a quotation from Vagabond is carved in all caps: “The Mighty Are Always Pleasant.” He has “1000-7” from Tokyo Ghoul tattooed on his left wrist. Hacker intends to get more tattoos despite the fact that he already has over a dozen.

On Twitter, he announced his plan to get a collarbone tattoo. He hasn’t made up his mind, though. If he adds to his collection of anime-themed body art, only time will tell.

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