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Being body positive!



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When I lived on campus last semester, my roommates were—and still are—my best friends, but I always felt inferior to them. Why? It had to do with the fact that they were skinnier, had better hair than me, etc. I immediately felt like the ugly duckling of the room.

One time, we were getting ready to go out and one of them commented on how fat they were, and how they needed to lose 10 pounds. I rolled my eyes at her and told her that she was crazy, but then I realized something: everyone has had a bad image of their body at some point.

Even my sister, who is tiny, has insecurities. She told me that even though she knows that she is not fat, all she sees are imperfections when she looks in a mirror, even if they are not there. Society has distorted the ideals of beauty so much that even the skinniest and prettiest of people have insecurities.

This is where the body positive movement comes into play. This is the idea that all bodies are good bodies no matter if you are a size zero or a size 14. This movement says that everyone is worthy of self-love whether you are “skinny,” “thick,” or “plus-sized.”

There are a lot of misconceptions about the movement. Some think that this is only for “fat” people, but it is not. I know plenty of skinny girls who are hurt by comments such as “eat a sandwich, you are too thin.”

The movement is also for men. Males have just as much insecurity as girls. Guys are expected to have abs and big muscles, but the reality is that men’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes, just like girls. So why not encourage them to be body positive, too?

In short, being positive about your body is a good thing no matter what. Everyone deserves self-love and to loved by others regardless of shape, size, color, etc.

You deserve to be happy in your own skin and comfortable with the way you look. You deserve to be body positive!

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