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Not all heroes wear capes…some get beanies



April 28, 2016 was National Superhero Day. This was a day where people all over the world could celebrate their favorite superhero, whether it be a real person or maybe one found in a comic book. 

The organization Love Your Melon decided that it would be a day where children fighting cancer could see that they are the true superheroes.

Love Your Melon, an organization run by college students that sells beanies, caps, and other merchandise to raise money for cancer research, supplies kids with cancer with these beanies to wear during their treatments.

For every beanie or cap purchased, another goes to a child fighting cancer. Their mission is to help kids see the superheroes in themselves.

On National Superhero Day, it was only right that the 740 Campus Crews went out on a mission: to give kids their capes, and a day they would not forget. These crews went to different donation events with beanies, capes, and masks to give to kids who may need a day to just have fun, all while bringing some positivity into their lives.

The Westfield State University Love Your Melon Campus Crew found a little boy who is in the process of going through treatments for leukemia.

The crew spent that day with Ben and his sidekick little brother, Gabe. Ben showed the crew just how much of a superhero he truly is.

The Westfield crew arrived to the boys’ home dressed in their finest Superhero costumes; Ben wore the costume of his favorite hero, Captain America.

The Crew Members gave the boys their capes and beanies, and Ben showed them some of his favorite stances. The crew even got to give him his very own Captain America Shield.

The Crew Members spent about an hour with Ben and his family, but hope that they were able to leave the family with as many positive memories as the family did for the crew. Ben is a true superhero, facing life’s obstacles with a smile and lots of Legos!

That was the mission of Love Your Melon’s Superhero Day: to give kids all across the country a day where they can be reminded that they are bravest superheroes of them all, and they even looked the part while doing so in their hats and capes.

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