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A Career Center student employee’s experience



My name is Sean Canavan, and I am going to write about my experience at my work study in the Westfield State University Career Center. 

It was difficult to find a work study due to my educational interests and studies, which are in the Communication field, and my work experiences so far being internships. I made sure I nailed the job interview and got along well with the staff members the first day I was onsite, and thus got the job the same day.

One of my assignments has been starting a research project for Giselle Abed, Associate Director, working on Western Mass. high school career center files with all pertinent information.

Recently, I finished the New England and NY college career centers file with all contact information for the offices, which totaled over 250 schools. The project was assigned by Junior Delgado, the Director of the Career Center.

This was a cumbersome project, and required great attention to detail. It was different work from what I had done previously, and I learned a couple of things: you need to carefully research where your information is coming from for the files, and you may need to look elsewhere—like social media— for confirmation; the information may not always be on the school website, and it may not always be found; and that the files contained the names of those who currently work or have worked at the career center offices, both past and present.

My job was to confirm whether the staff worked at the schools or not, and then add new staff information if needed.

My supervisors have also been great to work with. I am a person who gets things done no matter how easy or difficult the task is; if they needed something done, I’d know ahead of time.

They were also helpful when I needed assistance. They didn’t mind that I kept them in the loop on my projects; they actually appreciated me informing them and providing updates on the project.

I enjoy working here and helping the employees. If I get another work study next year, I would be more than happy to come back.

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