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Is the iPhone 7 worth it?



To get the iPhone 7 or not, that is the question. Ever since the announcement of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the countdown began to get the newest Apple product.

Questions surfaced from the confused customers:

Was it really water resistant?

Does it take better pictures?

And what is with the headphone jack?

For the past few years, I had an iPhone 5s for the past few years and I was in desperate need of an upgrade, probably from how many times I’ve dropped it.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus come in black, jet black, gold, silver, and the ever popular rose gold. The camera is great, but only the 7 Plus has a dual camera. The speakers are awesome for listening to music while getting my homework done. The new Home button was a little weird at first as it doesn’t click anymore. It’s touch sensitive instead.

I personally don’t mind it, as it won’t wear out the button, but some of the people I’ve talk to say they didn’t like it.

iOS 10 is a nice update and has so many cool features, although the new emojis may take some getting use to. Also, the better battery life is a plus since everyone knows how fast an iPhone loses power.

One thing I don’t like is the headphone jack. A lot of people asked me if they came with the wireless headphones, I even thought they did at first.

Sadly they don’t. You will have to pay $159 for those and knowing me I’ll probably lose them. They come with wired headphones that connect to the charger jack instead and an adapter to use your old headphones. It’s kind of a turn off that I can’t listen to music while charging my phone or connect an aux chord when I’m in the car.

Overall, I like my new phone. It’s a nice upgrade from my old one, even though it has some fault. Does it meet the hype it was given? Well yes and no.

The camera is better and the battery life is great, but the missing headphone jack and home button will take some time getting used to.

Getting the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus is up to you in the end. Get or don’t get it, just be mindful of the headphone jack and while it is water resistant, don’t go swimming with it or drop it in the toilet. It will not end well: trust me.

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