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Hey, Westfield. My name is Dave, and I am here to tell you about some of the music I have been listening to lately that I think you should check out! Today we are going to be looking at the latest release by the alternative/pop punk band Bayside.

In August 2016, Bayside dropped their latest album “Vacancy” on Hopeless Records. While I am not the biggest Bayside fan out there, I do enjoy their music a lot. I was anticipating this release more than I thought I’d be.

The album opens with the song “Two Letters,” a song expressing vocalist Anthony Raneri’s feelings toward his ex wife.

Really, it is more his uncertainty about what to call her now that they are separated and he has to refer to their relationship in the past tense. A lyric that stands out to me in this song is, “Ex sounds dirty I can’t say it/sounds so final and I’m still prayin/for the worst for the better/we’re nothing now we’re just two letters.” While the song has a pretty Vacancy Album Review melancholy vibe to it, I say it’s a pretty great tune with a great guitar part and catchy chorus!

The rest of the album has a pretty similar feel. A lot of it is reflection on decisions, past relationships, and current situations Raneri finds himself in. For example, in the song “Enemy Lines” he states that he is a “yank in southern battlefields.” Even more obviously, on one of my favorite tracks, “Maybe, Tennessee,” Raneri says “so call the coast and tell them I’ll be back someday/this is my home now, empty and full of ghosts somehow.”

What also made a positive impression on me was the album art. It is just a barren vacant hotel, the one Anthony Raneri was staying in while writing the record and going through his divorce. It really puts more meaning to the term vacant.

Overall this album is very good! I enjoyed it a lot more than their last release, “Cult.” To me, “Vacancy” sounds more like Baysides’s “Shutter.” That was the album that introduced me to their sound and style of pop punk. Vacancy gets two thumbs up from me!

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