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Ford Is Recalling Over 500,000 SUVs After 20 Fires Were Reported!



Ford Is Recalling Over 500,000 SUVs After 20 Fires Were Reported

Ford is all set to recall more than 500,000 SUVs after the cases of fires got reported. It was informed after 20 fire cases were reported to the company. 

According to the reports, more than 634,000 vehicles reported the fires and Ford had to call off the SUVs.  It was a risk that worldwide got reported and the company had to take the action. 

Ford Is Recalling Over 500,000 SUVs After 20 Fires Were Reported

The Ford Motor Co (F.N) is one of the leading motor companies in the world and their SUVs are loved by all. Sports utility vehicles have reported fires worldwide and the company is looking deep into the same. 

Ford Is Recalling Over 500,000 SUVs After 20 Fires Were Reported

It was reported worldwide that the fire risks were due to the possible cracks in the fuel injectors. The SUV cars would be at risk to fire due to the potential cracks in the fuel injectors: this has also urged the owners to have their cars inspected by the company. The same was reported on Thursday when many people reported the matter and got their rides checked.

Ford is America’s number 2 automaker by sales and many people invest in the company. You cannot deny the overall vehicle mileage and specs and hence it is under the talk of the town. The recall covers of 2020-2023 model year Bronco Sport model as well as the Escape SUVs have been equipped with 3 cylinders, 1.5-liter engines, and more, it also has many other features. 

All were recalled in the month of April because of tension at the oil separator housing. The same area had a crack and developed a lead that could have caused the engine to fire. All the vehicles were repaired and are still being tested. It has been done under the earlier recall and still in the need to get fixed. The same has been done again as the new recall fix. It was reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The company also confirmed that the engines in the SUVs are covered by the latest recall. It was operating on the same call but while it was resolved a cracked fuel injector could have caused fuel or the Vapor of the fuel to get accumulated on the hot surfaces. These accumulations might have resulted in a potential fire outbreak. The cracked fuel injector is still under examination by the company. 

The repairs will be available soon and as soon as that happens, the dealers will update the vehicle software. It will also detect and confirm whether a fuel injector is cracked or not. It will also provide a dashboard message that will alert the drivers who are still having the vehicle.

Engine power is expected to automatically reduce and minimize the risk when it sees a pressure drop in fuel or detects the same in the fuel rail. It will also allow customers to drive to safe locations and arrange for the service if the vehicle is stopped. The company confirmed the same. 

Ford Motor Co (F.N) also said to the dealers that they will install a tube. The tube will drain the fuel from the cylinder head and away from any hot surface. The same will be checked for excessive fuel smell (near the engine top) to avoid any mishap. 

According to the reports, many engines reported the same defect but no injuries or deaths were reported. The company has also given an official statement to users to not drive the vehicle under further notice. It is for their safety while the Ford Motor Co (F.N) is investigating.

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