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‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Cast returns to Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!



Avatar: The Way of Water Cast returns to Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Avatar, a 2009 release brought us closer to a different world. It showed us paraplegic marine life and the possibility of life on the moon. This epic movie left a print on our hearts but was a single installment for 13 years. But now the movie is back!

Avatar: The Way of Water is the second installation of the series and fans are excited to go to the theatre and watch it. Ahead of the movie’s release, the young cast visited Pandora which is located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Avatar: The Way of Water: Cast

Earlier, Jack Champion, Trinity Bliss, Jamie Flatters, and Bailey Bass visited Pandora when they were roped in for the movie’s sequel. This happened in 2017 and now, after 5 years, they all have re-visited the place.

'Avatar: The Way of Water' Cast returns to Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Disney Animal Kingdom’s Pandora is located in Orlando, Fla and the kids were pretty excited when they reached the location. On their first tour, the kids had a lot of fun. they immersed themselves in the surroundings, enjoyed plenty of rides, and experienced the magical sounds and sights of the location. This helped each one of them to prepare for the roles.

Let’s see what the kids have to say about their little adventure

As shared by Trinity Bliss, coming to Pandora makes her feel closer to the movie’s world in her mind. She got connected to the place and its magic. This helped the young actress shoot for the movie and create harmony with the story.

Bailey Bass shared the experience saying that there is a flight of passage and it resembles the kind of training they have on the Avatar’s sets. The audience can connect with a Navi and we all are experiencing the same thing during the training. This creates an immersive experience for everyone. That’s the same reason the young cast visited Pandora right after it was roped for the movie. It helped them connect with the Na’vi.

Bailey also said that there are ilus bunches floating in the water and Easter eggs in the flight of passage. She didn’t realize it the first time.

Sharing some of his experiences, Jack said that he loves floating mountains, small ponds, and waterfalls. Although the park has nothing special, it is a forever thing and would remind people of Pandora whenever they visit this place.

Since the movie is coming after almost 13 years, it is here to tell the story of the Sully family. Jake and Neytiri have started their family in Pandora. In the movie, there are several difficulties coming for them and the couple would go to any length to protect each other. They have to fight battles to stay alive.

Bailey (Tsireya), Trinity (Tuktirey), Jack (Spider), and Jamie (Neteyam) are going to be the kids with an important role. The movie is all set to hit the theatres on December 16, 2022. As we have already seen the trailer, we can safely say that the movie looks amazing and worthy of watching on the big screen.


The kids who visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom 5 years ago are really excited to share the story of Pandora with the world.

Pandora is a moon where people can experience a visually powerful world. Right from flying on a banshee to floating in the bioluminescent rainforest; everything is so appealing that you can’t stop dreaming about it. As an audience, everyone thinks and wishes to experience this for themselves.

Are you thrilled about Avatar: The Way of Water? If yes, then it is time to book the tickets and experience the magic!

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