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Amazon CEO Says Prime Could Become Standalone Business!



Amazon CEO Says Prime Could Become Standalone Business

In the recent Time, Details Summit Amazon CEO Andy Jassy made a statement, that Amazon prime has quite attractive economics and might perform well as a standalone business. He further added “ I do understand that there are a lot of opportunities to make the prime Video business as an independent business with some amazing economics. 

Furthermore, at the summit, Amazon shed light on some new visions, stating that Amazon has the potential to become the single point of entertainment, while also providing access to some providers through the development of a channel program. 

Meanwhile, it was also mentioned that with amazon prime, customers would not need to go to different places to find series or any source of entertainment, rather they can stay in one place and get everything they want. As planned, amazon prime would continue to drive both Prime subscriptions and e-commerce platforms.

Amazon CEO Says Prime Could Become Standalone Business

Amazon Prime is popular because of its video deals and range of content. Jassy said the corporation plans to maintain its sports contributions and establish a distinctive asset to get additional sign-ups.

The corporation also discussed the unstable economic situation, citing Amazon’s big layoffs. The reason they mentioned this is that they wanted to streamline the costs. 

The company is now aiming to take decisions thoroughly and thoughtfully so they don’t need to compromise on any strategic long-term decisions which can change the dynamics of the company. 

Jassy has also discussed the controversy in the past about the movie and antisemitic book promoted by Kyrie Irving, an NBA star. He further added, being Jewish, he told that it is quite objectionable and he is also worried about the antisemitism. 

But he also said that removing any such content which does not have violence can be a bad decision, particularly when content has no aim to espouse hate or describe negative qualities of the people. Jassy thinks it’s important to let others express their opinions, even if they differ from yours.

Amazon has a panel that reviews offensive content and removes or keeps it. It’s not always necessary to add a disclaimer to every page of content and book.

Jassy has also discussed Alexa and rumors related to it about its flawed business model. He told that people should be quite careful while believing what is written in the news. There have been some misinterpretations happening in the last few weeks. 

Jassy is quite optimistic and believes the Amazon’s Devices business. He further added that Alexa has got a lot of attraction in recent times. And have driven a significant amount of the revenue.

Amazon has put a huge bet on the future where a lot of people would use their voice product. Alexa is quite a wonderful product, also it can be used to place millions of orders. Amazon Alexa is one of the considered areas in amazon and a lot of people are working on this technology. 

The Wall Street Journal reports that users only use Alexa for some features, and the review has suffered. Since then Amazon Alexa is being in jeopardy. But in a nutshell, the Amazon Alexa team is working hard to make it a great success.

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