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Susan Sarandon’s Show “Monarch,” Has Been Canceled By Fox After Season 1!



Susan Sarandon's Show "Monarch," Has Been Canceled By Fox After Season 1!

Monarch, a new TV drama by Fox failed to impress the audience. The show garnered only a 4.2 rating on IMDB and 31% rotten tomatoes. It stars Trace Adkins, Susan Saradon, and Anna Friel in the lead roles.

The show is about the king of country music and his wife. The duo created a dynasty in the music industry but it seems like the entire thing is based on a lie. The monarch was already designed for a short run but now it seems like the series simply fell.

Susan Sarandon’s Show “Monarch,” Has Been Canceled By Fox After Season 1!

The final episode of Season 1 aired on December 6 and it seems like there’s no return for it. Monarch gained 3.8 million views and in three years, it turned out to be the most-watched scripted premiere. It had only 4.1 million viewers on average and that seems like people didn’t like it that much.

Susan Sarandon's Show "Monarch," Has Been Canceled By Fox After Season 1!

Produced during the pandemic and created by Melissa London Hilfers, the show followed the life of a country music family. Susan Saradon dies in the premier of the series which was more of a shock to the viewers than a surprise. Earlier, the beautiful actress was turned into the face of the Monarch on every billboard and her death seemed unnecessary. As the season continues, Susan’s husband tries to retain the family business and seeks the help of his son and two daughters. As the story unveils, it is seen that everyone has a secret of their own.

One of the main components of this Fox series was music which had hit covers of old and new music. This included Photograph by Ed Sheeran, Breathe by Faith Hill, How Do I Live by LeAnn Rimes, Juice by Lizzo, Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles, and Stronger by Kelly Clarkson.

When the show came on air, Amanda Krieg Thomas, the music supervisor talked about how the songs are a mix of songs including classics, rediscovering music, and current hits by artists. There might be songs by artists that we’ve never heard of. But once the show is over, these songs would be a part of the viewers’ playlists. The theme of the series is set in Texas and the makers have tried to inculcate songs by Texas’ emerging artists.

But unfortunately, the musical dynasty of Romans has come to an end and there won’t be a second season for the series. In May 2021, the makers hoped the series to be a breakout music soap opera but that didn’t happen.

Talking About The Series

The story is about a country music dynasty created by (Dottie) Susan Sarandon alongside her husband Albie (Trace Adkins). Now that Dottie is dead, it is upon her husband to save the reigns. Nicolette Roman (Anna Friel) will do anything to maintain her mother’s reign. She works hard without forgetting about her own thirst for stardom.

Apart from the main lead, actors like Eva Amurri, Inigo Pascual, Emma Miliani, Martha Higareda, Meagan Holder, Faith Prince, and Adam Croasdell are the recurring cast members. Actors like Tanya Tucker, Shania Twain, Little Big Town, Martina McBride, and Caitlyn Smith have guest appearances.

Jason Owen, Hiflers, Gail Berman, Feldman, and Hend Baghdady produced The Monarch for Fox Entertainment.

Every day is a game of ratings on television. Some series top the charts whereas others fail to perform at the box office. Although the show of Susan Sarandon was canceled, we can’t forget her performance in Thelma & Louise, Tammy, That’s My Boy, and more!

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