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The Voice: Bryce Leatherwood Wins Season 22!



With a lot of confusion and controversy, reports about the winner of ‘The Voice Season 22 are finally out for the public.

According to reports, Bryce Leatherwood is the most-voted performer and finally took the award home for the 22nd season of the mega-NBC reality show event named ‘The voice.’

The news of Bryce winning the 22nd season is quite good for the coach and team head Blake Shelton, for whom it will be the sixth victory in the show.

Bryce also won ‘The Voice’ Season 22’s record prize of $100,000. Bryce’s ‘Universal Record Deal’ will help him in the music industry.

What Happened During The Finale?

The finale event for ‘The Voice’ season 22 took place on the NBC channel on December 13th of this year.

The Voice: Bryce Leatherwood Wins Season 22!

During the two-hour finale, after a lot of competition and rounds of voting by the fans for their finale winner, Bryce Leatherwood was finally selected as the fan favorite and finally was able to secure the position as the winner of the show ‘The Voice.’

Bryce, a Georgia native, won $100,000 and a ‘Universal Record Deal’ amid fan shouts.

Interestingly, in the finale, there were many famous singers with beautiful voices. Still, in the end, Bryce was chosen as an aspiring country music singer.

Some contestants who made it to the finale included Morgan Myles from team Camila, Brayden Lape from team Blake, Bodie from Team Blake, and Omar Jose Cardona from team Legend.

Why Are Some Fans Furious Over Bryce’s Win?

According to show reports, voters and the crowd were unhappy with Bryce Leatherwood’s win.

Many voters and audience members claimed the show’s voting mechanism was rigged to help Bryce win.

Many fans of former contestants were also unhappy with the results. According to them, the voting system was manipulated because Bryce finished fifth and Omar was fourth. Both Morgan and Bodie were finally named runner-ups for season 22.

According to the crowd and voters, either Morgan or Bodie should win ‘The Voice’ finals.

Interestingly, many voters and fans have also taken to the famous public platform ‘Twitter’ to show their frustrations regarding the show’s voting system and how it could have been rigged from the first time Bryce won the final position.

Many fans have also stated that, even if other contestants such as Mogan or Bodie were not qualified to get the season 22 prize, many other contestants were way better throughout the season and must have gotten the prize.

Who Were The Final Contestants Of ‘The Voice?

Seven contestants competed for the season finale of NBC’s ‘The Voice’ on Tuesday.

The seven contestants include,

  • Bryce Leatherwood.
  • Tom, who was the season 21 finale champion.
  • Adam Lambert.
  • OneRepublic.
  • Kelly Clarkson.
  • Kane Brown.
  • Maluma.
  • Breland.

These were the top seven performers who made it to the season 22 finale of this year for the mega-NBC music reality show named ‘The Voice.’

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