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Letter to the Editors: Senior reflects on past four years



Dear Editors and Westfield State community,

There is no easy way to describe the last four years of my life spent here. For starters I got accepted into Westfield State College and will be getting a degree from Westfield State University. I’ve had my fair share of all-nighters, drinks, ‘Dini’s Meal Deals, Father Dean jokes, and leftover meal swipes.

I remember when I could take a class at 333, go to the gym for $20 a semester, have a free Spring Weekend Concert, take the shuttle from South Lot and Olds was the 1st stop, not worry about charges, sit in the Pods or the loner bar, get a drink at The Perch, go downstairs to get to the bookstore, see Australia on the Globe, Tec-Keys, and of course, Jazzman’s!

I went on Like a Little instead of doing my final paper Sophomore year.

I remember meeting JR, Barry Maloney, Sparkles, DJ Boogy, Pete Francis, Mark the DC Swiper and countless other Westfield Legends.

I voted for B. Burr!

I’ve gone into Tommy D’s, The Leaf, Shenanigans, Paddy’s, and even had the balls to go into Fired up!

I may have single handedly kept Dominoes, Solo Cup, Admiral Nelson and Cumberland Farms in business.

I’ve been written up, spent a night in Noble, been RA knocked, almost been cuffed by Public Safety, and have had more “refreshments” in my dorms than Phipps does in their back room.

I’ve met countless people, made life long friends, made countless memories, and gotten great connections.

I have had an amazing time here with only 2 regrets: not studying abroad, and letting myself get stressed out so easily.

I’ve fallen in love and had my heart broken.

I’ve moved out of my house every September, and moved out of my home every May. And through all of this I have had the greatest time of my life!

Even with Westfield soon to be in my rear view mirror, I will be far from a stranger to this amazing place. Though my time is almost over, these memories will live on. I would just like to say to the Faculty, Staff, Class of 2013, and all other students, THANK YOU!

These have truly been the best four years of my life! Even though my future is unclear, these past four years have been unforgettable. To the classes of 2014, 2015, and 2016, take nothing for granted, take every chance you get, don’t stress, and most importantly have fun!

Tom Petty once said “The work never ends, but College does.” Remember this moment, and Pass It On!


The Sentimental Senior


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