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WSU ranks forth in RecycleMania



The 2013 Recyclemania competition has ended and Jim Rovezzi, Director of Environmental Services at Westfield State, is happy to report that WSU did the best it’s ever done since entering the tournament in 2010.

This year’s results show that nationally, WSU came in second place for paper and fourth place per capita recycling a total of 48.49 pounds per student, according to Per capita is the total amount of recycling based on the faculty and student population.

For the 2013 state results, WSU ranked first in paper and per capita, second in cans and bottles, and third in cardboard.

For comparison purposes, Rovezzi provided the 2010 results: Second place nationally in paper and in the top ten for per capita. WSU also came in second for state per capita and third in state for cardboard.

Rovezzi said that WSU placing higher than ever was a collaborative effort between faculty and students and, he said, “We’re really proud of that.”

What Rovezzi believes helped WSU climb to second place nationally was the 42,000 pounds of paper recycled in mid-March. The library was looking to do away with books that were never used and because of that, WSU moved out of third place and up to second.

Another factor he said contributed to the success was including Landsdowne Place in the recording of recyclables.

Rovezzi said this year the Environmental Services department added eight recycle containers to the previous two that were at Landsdowne.

“They filled between six and eight every week,” he said. “Students at Landsdowne did a nice job.”

As far as how Rovezzi thinks WSU will stack up for the 2014 competition, he said, “I expect to do as well or better next year.”

Because of the high ranks WSU received nationally, Rovezzi said he expects the Department of Environmental Protection to recognize the school nationally for its achievements in recycling.


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