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Album reviews: Suckers”Wild Smile’ and more



  • Oh No Oh My’s “People Problems” was above average, while I was Totally Destroying It’s “Preludes” is a take it or leave it album. photo by

Suckers: Wild Smile- There are artists that can pull off changing things in the middle of a song and switching gears effortlessly. Some of these bands include Green Day, Meat Loaf, and Queen. Suckers is not one of those artists. It also doesn’t help if the directions the band goes in and jumps around between aren’t very good. This band reminded me a little bit of Franz Ferdinand a bit, but only if Franz Ferdinand were terrible (which they aren’t). Towards the second half of the album things just get weird (and not the good kind of weird). I really wish I could provide a better description of their sound, but it’s basically different types of rock. It doesn’t work often enough to recommend to anyone.

Oh No Oh My: People Problems- This mostly acoustic focused album is almost exactly what you’d expect from a stereotypical indie album if there truly existed such a thing. The vocals are a little irritating on occasion, with the voice just not seeming to match the mood of the music right. It works best when it is more coherent, such as on the tracks “Summerdays” and “There Will Be Bones.” Also of note is the track “So I Took You,” a two minute bit of fun with strings in the background that make the track stand out from the rest. It is a little above average, and I’m not exactly sure what to ask for.

Twilight Broadcast: Variety Show- On this album we really do have a variety show. Twilight Broadcast skip to a different genre almost every track, and the results are hit or miss. “Too Far Gone” gets way too repetitive at points. “BAB’s” goes into a funk hip-hop mix filled with humor. It can be a little bit simplistic at times, and the lyrics are often very simple to the point where they can be distracting. On the other hand, what they do right is incredibly enjoyable. This is one of those albums the sample button was made for.

Jeff Root: Genre Circus- This is one of the more eclectic albums out there, but it is unified by a generally upbeat sound and mood of overall whimsy as well as lyrics that aren’t meant to be taken too seriously.  It starts out with the Celtic Rock “Finnegan’s Wake,” which is actually quite good, and then goes all over the place, although with a slight psychedelic edge throughout.  The good news is that it never strays from a quality that is at least slightly above average. The closer “Out of Nothing” is especially good, featuring both Root and another vocalist I wish I could find the identity of. This album isn’t bad at all, and you may be interested in it if you want something a little more eccentric but still on the relatively normal side of things

I Was Totally Destroying It: Preludes- After an okay start with “Wrecking Ball,” this pop-rock album gets better. Strangely enough, it’s best when the band adds a few pop-punk elements to their songwriting and vocals (there are two vocalists, both of which have their good and bad moments). “When Chaos Comes” marks the turning point into more pop material, which in a sense is better as the band sounds much more comfortable in it, but there’s not much originality I sense here. The song “Twenty-Thousand” in particular I found uninspiring, annoying even. The song is followed by the much better “Fight/Flight,” where they abandon most of their conventions and use a piano to drive the music forward instead. They are still better than a lot of bands you’ll hear out there, and may be worth a listen if you like similar music.


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