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A Big Thank You from the Class of 2016



The Westfield State class council of 2016 held their very first Buzz Off, Cancer event on Sunday, April 12 in the Scanlon Banquet Hall. The Buzz Off, Cancer event raised money to benefit the Boston Children’s Hospital for vital programs and services for families supporting their children fighting against cancer along with research for a cure. Students and faculty not only raised money for the charity but also raised awareness for children fighting cancer. At the event, those who volunteered buzzed off their hair to resemble a child with cancer. Seventeen participants were involved in the event, which rose into a huge success!

The council is having a little trouble announcing a definite amount raised due to donations still welcomed and pouring in. Last updated, they have raised over $7,000. Family, friends and supporters attended the event to be there for those who raised awareness for a child with cancer.

The class council of 2016 created the Buzz Off, Cancer event inspired by the larger event, One Mission Kid’s Cancer Buzz-Off. The Council of 2016 will be presenting the check with all donations raised to the One Mission Kid’s Cancer Buzz-Off at Gillette Stadium on June 8. The head of the One Mission Kid’s Cancer Buzz-Off is in the process of marking in Westfield State on the official schedule to present the check on the day of the event.

The reason the council of 2016 chose this charity is because of the unique impact it can have on children battling cancer. Michael Janchuk, a student government representative for the class council of 2016 and participant in the Buzz Off, Cancer event said, “The Buzz Off, Cancer is much more than an event to raise money. In some ways it’s not even about the money, but to show the kids with cancer that being bald is beautiful and that they aren’t alone.” Heads were shaved, tears were shared, and a difference made an impact.

The Buzz Off, Cancer event made news on CBS 3 Springfield channel and the Council of 2016 could not be any prouder to share the good news. “We could not have done it without everyone supporting and willing to donate and even shave their hair for kids with cancer! We could not thank our Westfield State community enough!” said Tara Saraf, the treasurer of the class council of 2016.

A team that consisted of Westfield State students, “Team Awesome Cookies” raised over $2,000 alone! “My jaw dropped when I heard a team of Westfield State students raised over $2,000. It’s amazing to see what students can do when it comes to a charity that can really make a big difference in child’s life,” said Cali Kacoyannakis, a bystander at the Buzz Off, Cancer event. The Council of 2016 would also like to give a big thank you to Tony Isotti, the barber at the Buzz Off, Cancer event from Tony’s Famous Barber Shop located in Springfield, who spent his whole day shaving hair at Westfield State for charity.

Donations are still welcome and it is not too late to be a part of this amazing opportunity to help children battle cancer! To donate, visit the Facebook page “Buzz Off Cancer 2013-2014” to retrieve the link titled “One Mission’s Kid’s Cancer Buzz Off” to donate to teams, or to create your own team. To donate to a team, click on their team name and hit “Sponsor this Team” to donate or click “Join this Team” to create your own team.


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