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Television Show Spoilers…Do they offend you?



Television ends. It’s pretty much science. No primetime television show is going to go on forever (unless you’re maybe The Simpsons). In fact, The Simpsons are the longest running animated series, sitcom and scripted primetime series.

So when some of the most talked about series’ in TV history are coming to an end this past month, respectively Breaking Bad and Dexter, people are going to be rightfully polarized by the definitive/not-so-definitive ending of each show.

Now, when talking about the ending of an entire series people tend to focus on this word “spoiler”. It’s almost as polarizing as the actual ending of a TV series. It’s equally both sought after and feared. People scour the internet looking for clues and hints to figuring out what the ending of a show might be and on the other side of the coin, people shut of their phones, computers, radios and any other information giving device until they actually make it to the DVR’d show of their choice.

What constitutes enough time to post your feeling on a social network without really “spoiling” a show? Is it a week, a month, a few months? ¬†Should we start imposing penalties on those inconsiderate jerks who told us the ending to Dexter or Breaking Bad? Maybe blow half their face-off…too soon? Head on over to our site ( and sound off on your feelings about spoilers and what you can do to prevent them.


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