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You know you’re a Westfield State student if…



You know you’re a commuter student at WSU when…

You’ve experienced the struggle that is finding a parking spot.

If you’re a commuter at WSU you’ve taken part in the epic battle for a parking spot in the commuter lot. This usually involves you circling relentlessly and stalking people who are walking to their cars in the hopes that you will be able to shoot into a space before someone can.

You’ve experienced a long break with nowhere to nap in between.

The commuter life is a tough one. You try to plan your schedule out so that it is condensed and time efficient, but we don’t always get our way. Inevitably one semester you will be left with a break between classes, and there will be times when all you want is a brief nap before your next class. Unfortunately, commuters have no dorm room to return to and taking a nap in your car just isn’t the same as snuggling up in a comfy bed.

You know you’re a transfer student at WSU when…

You don’t know where to pick up the shuttle.

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, knowing where the shuttle stops are can be very useful. We have already had a long walk to Horace Mann or Woodward and seen the shuttle whiz by. Instead of being a few minutes late to class by the slow walk, let’s learn the pick-up and drop off areas, transfers!

You know you live at Lansdowne Place when…

You’ve planned to be early but it wasn’t quite early enough.

Waiting for the R10 is always grueling, we’ve always had those mornings where we get to the bus stop for the PVTA ten minutes early and realize we missed the bus by thirty seconds.

You know the best time to find a parking spot downstairs.

At Lansdowne Place there are two main lots to park your car: on Arnold Street and underneath the building. You always want to get the prime spot underneath to avoid walking and the fierce weather especially during the colder months but we can’t all be that lucky. We can always find ourselves going under just to check and see if there is a spot even though we know there probably isn’t one.

You know you’re a residential student at WSU when…

You always look forward to Brown Bag Bingo!

The most fun that you will ever have at Westfield State. It happens once every month. It is either held at Scanlon Hall or in the new Owl’s Nest room in Ely. There are different prizes from either a coffee maker to tissues. This event is very fun and popular among first-years and upperclassmen and it’s a great and exciting way to meet new people. Brown Bag Bingo is self explanatory but there are different variations then your standard bingo.

You can hear anything in the building pretty much.

When standing in front of the elevator or near your door, you can practically hear any conversation in the hallway and even some of the louder neighbors. And the people who live above you will always sound like they are rearranging their furniture every single night even though they are probably just walking from one part of the room to another.

Fire drills are no surprise, especially in the middle of the night.

We have all had them, it’s two in the morning and someone burns their popcorn in the common room or maybe you’ve lived in New Hall and someone started cooking their dinner, forgot about it and went to Pandini’s to eat. There is nothing worse than standing around in the cold or having to wait it out in the DC while the Westfield fire department makes an appearance and the RAs have to go through and do all of their checks.


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