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Student input helps upgrade Momba machines



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Mom is at it again.

The Momba vending machines around campus have just received a new feature. Think “golden ticket” from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

In our case, the golden tickets are $5 Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards hidden in random items inside the Momba machine, while supplies last. Students won’t know if they’ve received a gift card until they open the package they have purchased.

Just another gift from dear old Mom.

Since the article printed in Nov. 30, 2012’s edition of “The Westfield Voice,” the Momba creators have made a handful of notable changes.

On Momba’s Facebook page,, they have installed a “WSU Hub,” a page designed specifically for Westfield.

There, you can find a map showing where the three Momba machines are located on campus, leave feedback, and even read the RSS feed for “The Westfield Voice.”

“I really just want to make the hubs as useful as possible, and what better, I thought, than to include weekly news from WSU’s weekly paper,” said Momba creator Steven Duque.

Because of feedback Momba has received from students on campus, mainly through the Momba-WSU student survey administered through the Facebook hub, they have lowered the prices by over 20 percent.

“They listened to public opinion so they’ll probably get more customers,” said WSU student Chris Leopardi.

In addition to the hidden Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards, other products have been added recently, including clothing to help keep you warm, over-the-counter medicines for colds and flus, and larger sizes of toiletries.

“I wish there was one in New Hall,” said WSU senior Christopher Chartier. “I’d probably use it all the time if I didn’t have to walk over to Davis and wait for someone to let me in.”

As mentioned in the previous article, each item purchased from Momba supports WSU’s financial aid program. Now it supports people with disabilities as well.

Momba has started “a working relationship with Opportunity Works, which empowers people with developmental disabilities through enrichment programs and jobs in packaging and shipping fulfillment,” according to Duque.

Mom certainly seems to have thought of everything.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback or critiques, you can leave them on the WSU hub on Momba’s Facebook.


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