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  • Dickinson Hall president Alex Doming. photo by Alexis Wagner

This past Tuesday, Student Government vice president of finance Joshua Frank submitted a finance proposal to the Senate for $2,952.50 to go to the Dance Company to attend a Rockettes training session in New York City. Steve Mailloux, representative-at-large, expressed that the proposal was a rather tall order and would result in a dramatically low balance in the SGA club account. But it was what was said after Mailloux that stood out. First-year Alex Doming, Dickinson Hall president, had the courage to remind the senators that they do not have to say yes to this one if they genuinely do not believe that it is a good idea. That is why Doming is our Voice of the Week.

Along with what Steve [Mailloux] said, I think we’ve said yes to just about every proposal but we don’t have to be afraid to oppose something.” – Alex Doming, during Tuesday’s Student Government meeting, regarding a proposal up for debate that would grant thousands to the Dance Company.

What got you to run for student government?

I just wanted to make sure that my voice could be heard. I felt that I really could express the view of others and use of being an elected person to make sure we do things that benefit the student body.

What is your role on your council beside president?

I try to make sure that all of the representatives on my council are on the same page with things and make sure that they’re motivated and fully willing to participate in the activities in Student Government and Hall Council.

What inspired you to say what you said?

I thought that we really needed to ensure that everybody on Student Government knows that they’re there for a purpose. That purpose is to represent the views and varying opinions of the entire university.

Are you happy with the results of the vote?

I personally thought that it shouldn’t have been approved but on the other hand, it definitely seemed to reach other senators to make sure that contention within the SGA meetings is warranted if we’re trying to do something productive. so in that end I’m happy.


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