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The Conservative View: SNAP budget cuts will bring welfare reform, reduce food stamps abuse



Talking about a welfare program is a touchy subject for both Conservatives and Liberals; either side has difficulty in addressing the issue slightly due to the same reasons.

Most Liberals will speak about the endless benefits to programs such as SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program more commonly known as food stamps, while the Conservatives will counter the benefits with the negatives of the program. There seems to be a balance between the two, but first let us look back to Congress to see what has truly happened.

On Thursday the House voted to cut billions of dollars from SNAP in the new budget cuts for the next fiscal year, which starts in October. Many House Republicans called the measures a “much needed” effort to reduce unwarranted spending in our already over inflated budget deficit.

From a personal standpoint I recognize the value and effect that the program offers to those Americans who are in need of assistance, and as such I would disagree and oppose any attempt to fully destroy such programs.

That being said I would entirely support the measure to reduce the budget; if you were to look closely at the actual cuts from the program, it helps reduce the potential abuse of the system by cutting out parts of the program that have commonly abused loopholes.

The bill, which would cut 40 billion dollars from the program in the next 10 years, would require all adults between the ages of 18 – 50 to find a job or participate in a work training program in order to receive/ continue receiving benefits of the program. (As long as they do not have minors in their custody of course, in which case they would not be cut.) A point of concern however, is that by no means are the cuts to the program taking needing families off the program.

This bill is designed to help motivate the recipients who, due to loopholes have neither need nor intention of ever getting “off the system”. The welfare program was created to provide support for those in need and not those who are unwilling to go out on their own and work for a living.

A point on the bill that is of similar note is the time frame in which recipients are receiving benefits, from indefinite time frames to a span of three months. The purpose for the reduction of the time for recipients is simply to make “getting back to work top priority” as House Speaker John Boehner put it.

Now fellow Conservatives will rejoice that our biggest dream for welfare reform has begun! This bill to decrease the budget will force beneficiaries of the program to undergo extensive and random drug tests, thus reducing the well known “drain” spoke of before.

As most Conservatives know, it has been the goal of every Republican since the start of welfare programs to regulate the recipients in order to prevent drug abusers from receiving tax dollars that they clearly don’t deserve.

This measure is probably the most welcomed from the new bill because it is directly attacking one of the biggest abuses of the system to date, and once the abuses stop, the reduced funding (which was used to fund the abuses in the first place) will be accepted and a much needed measure in the end, financially and morally.


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