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An Encouragement to Create



As the semester winds down to its final weeks, I cannot help but feel overwhelmed and a touch exhausted. This semester, for me, has been filled to the brim with work and drama leading to my exhaustion. Food and writing this column have been my saving graces, for I find great solace and peace in writing about what I love. With this edition of the school paper being the last of the semester, I find it fitting that I should reflect on the past school year and encourage all my readers to create.

Summer is a time of passion and creation. The warm weather brings people outdoors and into nature. Nature, for many artists, is a source of inspiration for their creative works. Thoreau spent years living in nature and subsequently wrote his finest works while living in a small cabin near the shores of Walden Pond. Van Gogh’s finest paintings capture the majesty of the French countryside. Nature fosters and encourages creativity by just existing. I cannot begin to recall how many times ideas have jumped into my head during a simple walk in the woods or along the beach.

Summer food is perhaps the simplest of foods, for it relies mainly on what comes out of the garden. Summer is gardening season! Farms are in full swing and restaurants are at their best during the summertime because everything is fresh and in season. On Cape Cod or along the coast of Maine, you will often find that the seafood you are eating for dinner was part of the morning catch. All around beautiful New England, food lovers are getting the best of the best in terms of quality and freshness. I love summer food! It is perhaps my favorite season for food because of the freshness and the quality that comes to the table.

During the summer, I am usually very busy. I lifeguard at a lakefront and am usually quite tired at the end of the day. However, I always find time for food! When I am home I am always greeted by wonderful foods like bruschetta, hamburgers, corn on the cob, garden salads, grilled chicken, etc. As a family, we always create wonderful and memorable meals together and are constantly experimenting with new creative twists on dishes. For instance, my brother has suggested we start making cheeseburgers with the cheese inside of the patty instead of on top (which is an idea I cannot wait to work on with him).

Reflecting upon the past school year, I can easily say that it was not an easy one, but, then again, no school year ever is. It was a year filled with dramatic tensions and scandal along with cheerful and jubilant moments. However, I can honestly say that while being a difficult year, it was a good year. Every year I find I learn more and more about myself and am constantly growing as a person. Writing this column has been a great joy and I cannot wait to return in September to write more!

Looking forward to the summer and the new school year, I have a simple message to everyone: create. I whole-heartedly encourage all of you to go out and create. Create art. Create new foods. Create anything your heart desires. Creativity and imagination are at the core of what makes us human. We all have a strong will to create, whether it is art, food, theatre, sports, or math equations. Creating is the soul of the human experience and I wish everyone a happy and creative summer.

So I now invite you to sit back and have a nice cold glass of the year’s final recipe: Lemonade!

Buona Tavola and Mangiare Bene!



6 lemons

1 cup white sugar

6 cups cold water


1.     Firmly roll the lemons along the counter top or cutting board, before slicing them in half and juicing them. Juice the lemons to make one cup of juice.

2.     In a gallon pitcher combine the cup of lemon juice, the cup of white sugar, and the 6 cups of water. Mix well and adjust water to taste.

3.     Chill and serve over ice.


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