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Tuesday, April 29 was a day that will live in infamy. Bax and O’Brien, after over a decade of separation, reunited with former mayor of Springfield and current member of the Governor’s Council Mike Albano. Albano has recently been the star of an ABC 40/FOX 6 news series, known as “Crime and Corruption: The Albano Years.”

ABC 40 and offered insight into a decade ago where “it was a bad time for Springfield and disgraced mayor Mike <span “=”” data-scayt_word=”Albano” data-scaytid=”7″>Albano” and said it had ended “a promising career” for Albano. This was completely for shock value and to boost ratings. Mike Albano is nothing short of a great politician and an innocent man.

As Bax and O’Brien put it “it was a disgrace… but I don’t think we know what that means… it’s just a word that’s being thrown around there.” I don’t understand how it took for Bax and O’Brien, normally a humorous show, to point out the pure ethical flaws in the ABC 40 series.

They claimed that Albano had a hand in the “corruption of the Housing Authority” however, as Albano pointed out in his interview, “The city has nothing to do with the Housing Authority, and the guy was head long before my election.” Something this poor excuse for a “news” series bases their ENTIRE claim on, is proven to be false… right off the bat.

It funny how they call the mayor’s administration as a target of an FBI probe, yet if my memory and the Internet serve me right, Albano was awarded a victory in the civil case and no formal charge was found on the man.

I believe it was the CEO of ABC 40 who made this whole series a disaster. Albano and ABC 40 have a rocky relationship, which Albano said on the air as “I’m going to put out what I know, and it will be on my Facebook.” Mike Albano talked about how a “CEO of a media outlet” tried using his money to “influence public policy.”

As ABC 40 reported, two members formally charged and convicted of federal crimes were close to Albano, however, Albano had no connection with their crimes nor did he “aid” in their convictions, another speculation that has to be put down for the sake of truth.

I mean, the corruption in the Springfield Housing Authority started when Albano was a student at Cathedral High School!

This sort of issue has been rampant in modern news series, where old news is twisted and facts are contorted to allow speculation. Albano will be releasing more news and stories on his Facebook page in order for all the information to be readily available.

As Mr. Albano said “Stay tuned.”


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