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It’s President DiVico!



Rebecca DiVico, a junior psychology major, will be assuming the presidency of the Student Government Association come June 1.

Currently the vice president of student life, DiVico has been a senator since her first year. She began her career in Fall 2011 as a representative-at-large, then became the vice president of academic life over the 2012-2013 year, before settling into her current position this year.

Although she was unopposed, she earned almost 97% of the vote, garnering 569 votes out of the 703 that were cast. About three percent of the vote were made up of write-ins.

Her lieutenants will be Joshua Clark as vice president of student life, Olivia Dumas as vice president of academic life, Matthew Carlin as vice president of finance, Shannon Cullinane as vice president of programming, and Evelyn Dina as legislative secretary. Joshua Frank will move from vice president of finance to student trustee.

The executive secretary position was originally vacant but was filled by Andrew Morin, who won a position as a representative to SGA for the class of 2017, after a round of interviews.

“I am really excited to work with the incoming Student Government Association,” said DiVico.

Taylor Fote, the outgoing president of the Student Government Association, said, “I was very impressed with the turnout.” She added, “I’m very excited to see the new leadership coming to SGA.”

Six members of the executive council will be graduating this upcoming year, leaving DiVico with experienced senators filling their empty seats.

“I think it will be a good group,” said DiVico.

There were eight candidates for the nine seats for representative-at-large. In this position, representatives work primarily on university governance committees, such as the All-University Committee or Curriculum Committee, to provide the student voice on policies and the important happenings of the university.

The only reps-at-large to return are Ariana Roche and Connor Swan. The new reps-at-large are Brandon Trafford, Alex Doming, Megan Doerle, Sara Palis, Ashley Deleon, and Taylor Wertz. All are returning to what will be called the Legislature next year.

In terms of the two special Legislative positions, Justin Connolly will be the Community Relations and Fundraising Representative and Ivana McGlinchey will be the Multicultural Representative.

The first meeting of the new executive council will be Tuesday at 10 a.m. in the Student Government Conference Room.


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