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Student Government Association meets for the last time this year



The Student Government Association held its last meeting of the year this past Tuesday. Although it was a short meeting, there were some highlights.

The madam president, Taylor Fote, took the podium to give her last report.

She announced that the Ice Cream Social that was originally scheduled for Thursday, May 1, has been moved to Monday, May 5, because of impending rain.

Her last statements were spent thanking the Senate and Executive Council for all of the hard work that they have done. She said, “This year has been tough for me academically and personally, so I thank you all for your support.”

She did not finish her report because of the emotional significance of the words, but the senators gave her a standing ovation in appreciation.

Rebecca DiVico, Andrew McCormack, Joshua Frank, Steve Kligerman, Alexis Wagner, and Sarah Hegarty all gave ‘thank-you’ reports and wished well to their successors.

DiVico and Frank are returning to the Executive Council next year as president and student trustee, respectively.

Representative-at-large, Joshua Clark, will move to vice president of student life, representative-at-large, Olivia Dumas, will move to vice president of academic life, representative-at-large, Matthew Carlin, will move to vice president of finance, Courtney Hall representative, Shannon Cullinane, will move to vice president of programming, former representative of the class of 2016, Evelyn Dina, will move to legislative secretary, and representative of the class of 2017, Andrew Morin, will move to executive secretary.

During his report, Kligerman announced the success of Spring Weekend.

Although the majority of the events were moved inside the Scanlon Banquet Hall, the weekend went smoothly. The second standing ovation of the evening was given to Kligerman and the Campus Activities Board, of which he is the president.

Emily Baker delivered the class of 2014’s last report. She announced that they have begun collecting video farewells to be played at Commencement. They will be continuing to collecting them at Commencement Rehearsal.

Richard Darrach delivered the report for the class of 2015. He reminded the senators about the Out of the Darkness walk, which will be taking place on May 2 on the campus green.

As of meeting time, the class was under $800 away from reaching their fundraising goal of $3,000, which Darrach said they would reach by Friday at the event.

They need volunteers to help out at the event, he also said.

The report part of the meeting went by at the fastest rate seen all year, and by 6:15 p.m., the Senate was in executive session for end-of-the-year activities.

By 8:15 p.m., the Senate pulled out of executive session, and Fote continued tradition by passing the presidential gavel to DiVico.

The first meeting of the new academic year will be Sept. 9, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. in the Peter D. Mazza Student Government Room in the garden level of Ely by Dunkin’ Donuts. Rebecca DiVico will be conducting her first meeting as SGA president.


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