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Book review: “Splintered Icon” by Bill Napier



I came across a novel titled “Splintered Icon” by Bill Napier by accident and picked it up without a second thought as it was bargain-priced and looked interesting. After reading it, I’ve found that perhaps I should double check some of my bargain purchases, as those are a few hours of my life I won’t be getting back.

In it, an antique book dealer comes across a mysterious find that brings him into a world of secrets, conspiracies, puzzles, etc. in order to find an incredibly important artifact.

It is effectively a clone of Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code,” which is an excellent book. However, it doesn’t have any quality about it that is even on par with Dan Brown’s bestseller. It has suspense, half-decent characters, and average writing, but its plot has been done before, is moderately predictable, and lacks originality to the point where anything else one can judge a book upon simply doesn’t matter.

The major redeeming quality of the book is the story within the story of a young cabin boy that helps to leads the characters on their quest. While not exceptional enough to make the book great, it did help things along and change the pace, as well as move the plot along. It’s also a well-researched book, but being well-researched is not a very redeeming quality.

There is no one I can recommend this book to. If you come across “Splintered Icon” and are tempted to buy it, find “The Da Vinci Code” and get that instead. If you have already read “The Da Vinci Code,” read it again.

You’ll get the same experience and you won’t waste your money.

2 out of 10.


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