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Well everyone, I looked at what was happening in the world today and realized something.

There isn’t one website, newsstand, radio show or news program that isn’t making some sort of commentary on ISIS.

I will already assume by the time I have started this column my fellow writers at The Westfield Voice will have already produced a mass amount of content relating to the recent ISIS beheading and President Obama’s “warhawking” remarks.

As a result, I believe it would be against my code of conduct (or maybe with my innate laziness) to attempt to add anything new to the conversation. However, I will (along with everyone else) continue to watch the ongoing events concerning ISIS and US involvement in the continual hostilities within the Middle East.

On to the topic at hand!

There has been a recent development in the Ukrainian “crisis” since this column’s reporting last spring. It would seem diplomatic tensions have yet again risen, though no one would see it with all the attention on the Middle East.

Some developments have included that Kiev granting the Eastern areas that are under Pro-Russian control “special status.” This sort of deal has had great resistance from “loyal Ukrainians” who see Russia as an aggressor against their nation’s sovereignty.

It just happens that over the past week protesters retaliated against a member of parliament who was thrown into a dumpster and then aggressively handled/yelled at by protesters who have had past issues with the politician. This sort of protest comes after he earlier proposed a government policy to limit protests in the country and then his support of Pro-Russian resolutions to the current crisis.

Now all would be “well” if something did not emerge just Tuesday on CNN, who reported that Russians believe it would be “morally wrong” to leave the Crimean Peninsula after the months of restoring order and the “pro-Russian” activism going on their eastern border. Russia currently has over 1,000 soldiers in the Ukraine and over 20,000 just along the boarder, CNN reported Friday.

On top of the increased demonstrations and protests Kiev and EU officials announced new policy changes that tie closer economic and diplomatic bonds between the Ukraine and the EU nations.

Tuesday both Kiev and EU leaders meeting in France voted simultaneously on greater ties between the two parties. After the EU agreed Kiev quickly ratified the agreement granting free trade rights to Ukraine in Europe and a stronger diplomatic connection between the big “western powers” of the EU zone.

This landmark decision is considered a “reversal” in Ukrainian policy that was set towards improving relations with Russia, as seen in the previously ousted President, Viktor Yanukovych who rejected the same deal last year.

However, there was a second vote at the end on whether or not to grant parts of Eastern Ukraine a “special status” where separatists would not be persecuted and simply put “grant amnesty to the separatists,” as reported by CNN. This is seen as a slight movement to eventual peace for the country, however it is short lived.

Russia is blaming the U.S. for the increased sanctions and as the prime instigator of current anti-Russian demonstrations across the continent.

To be honest, I wouldn’t blame them. It is U.S. diplomats leading the charge against Russia, but in now way is it wrong. Russia with its “peace keeping invasion” of Crimea has violated the national sovereignty of the Ukraine and keeps the eastern half of the country under indirect control from the Kremlin.

As of Wednesday, Sept. 17 at 12:44 p.m., Pro Russian rebels have reopened hostilities after a shaky ceasefire by firing rockets in eastern Ukraine and killing 10 civilians and leaving another 12 critically injured.

This throws into jeopardy the previously mentioned “special status” granted by the parliament in Kiev to separatists on Tuesday.

However, it isn’t surprising seeing as the “prime minster” of “Donetsk people’s republic” said “Kiev can forget about amnesty if it means disarmament!”

I will criticize Kiev who has partially “recognized” the existence of a “separate Eastern Ukraine.” The “special status” would have been more powerful and useful as a “legal pardon” of the rebels actions rather then an amnesty of war between “two” nations.

The global theater is under great stress, diplomacy is being thrown out and it seems the only talking points is: “What sort of war tactics should we employ?”

It is sad to say it seems that our leaders are pursuing escalation in our current crisises and we will soon need to take an “escalated” course of action in order to maintain our authority and influence in the world.

I hope I am just over thinking the crisis, but between the Syrian civil war, ISIS in the Middle East, The Ukraine-Russian crisis, ANOTHER war in Iraq and the looming threat of Russian-American conflict—we may see a global conflict of a scale equivalent to that of the 1940s!

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