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Fall is about fresh starts



It’s officially fall. It’s that time of year when girls start wearing their fashionable boots, scarves, and leggings. Fall marks a new chapter of a new year. Summer is officially over.

Say goodbye to summer. Summer is a wonderful time of the year, filled with trips to the ocean, cute summer jobs, ice cream, campfires, and summer flings. It’s just a great time to re-invent yourself.

At the end of every summer, I always reflect on what I accomplished and learned.

I started off my summer coming home to my amazing family and I couldn’t have been happier. I cut my hair shorter and was ready to embrace what the summer had in store for me.

My summer was so unexpected; so unplanned. But easily I could say it was the best summer of my life. I met new friends, a new guy, and had the best summer job working as camp counselor in my town.

I was so different by the end of the summer, that I didn’t even recognize myself. I can partly thank James, a boy from my hometown, for that. The times I spent with him changed my perspective on everything. I learned so many lessons this summer.

Those lessons being that, you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it, you are worth it, and that true friends are so amazing.

These lessons made me realize that fall was approaching. And I was ready to take it on.

Fall is about embracing your lessons from the summer and going into the year fresh, ready to take on any challenge. Fall is a time to start over.

Fall is a time to be thankful for another year ahead. Fall is a time that should be cherished, because I don’t know a time more beautiful in the year, when the leaves turn orange and brown.

So this fall, go apple picking, drink apple cider, buy a pumpkin, and wear your favorite Burberry scarf, because fall doesn’t last forever. So embrace it.

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