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The green and the globe need some attention now before the spring



The Westfield State University campus is one that is marvelous to look at while visiting. The new University Hall is one of the newest and most modern in the state and construction for a brand new science building started this week.

However, simple things that take away from the WSU student experience can be easily renovated.

The seemingly year-long grass restoration process in front of Ely Hall was worth the investment as the grass has grown in full and it looks as if it could be used in an advertisement for the university itself.

Right behind this new grass though is a perfect dirt circle reminiscent of the Oakland Coliseum when flag football games are being played.

The dirt circle has increased as students continue to walk on, around, and through it. Although it is not a major issue that the university is currently facing, the dirt definitely takes away from the overall appeal of the university itself.

Students can be overhead questioning the university’s methods and wondering if they are working to give students the best education possible if they can’t take care of some grass.

The university needs to work toward fixing this problem starting in the second semester or it will definitely hinder some high school seniors from choosing Westfield as their home for the next four years.

The globe is the center and focal point of this university and is included in almost every picture that is intended to describe the campus life. Lights shine on it all night and there are no trees or buildings that cast shadows on it. As such a focal point, it should be perfect.

Australia is the one continent that is nonexistent on the planet that the campus revolves around. A metal plate in the shape of the country will give the campus a sense of completion and make the globe and green presentable and exciting for students, faculty, and local residents.

A simple task like completing the globe should be top on the priority list because of its simplicity and importance to the campus as a whole.

Westfield State is a great university to be enrolled in or work for.

Little things like keeping a green full of grass and including all seven continents on the globe that is a focal point of the university will only enhance the feel of the welcoming environment that this establishment provides.

The pros overwhelmingly outweigh the cons for these two instances and it will be received positively by all involved with Westfield State.

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