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MTG working 5 to 9 for 9 to 5



This fall, the Musical Theater Guild is putting on their production of 9 to 5, a staged musical based off of the popular 80’s movie “9 to 5”, starring Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton, and Allison Tomlin.

The movie and show both center around three women – Violet, Judy, and Doralee – who are struggling to work under their masochistic boss, Mr. Hart. Gradually, they begin turning the tables on Hart, taking control of the office and their own lives in a hilarious turn of events.

MTG’s production will be going up October 23rd, 24th, and 25th and is being directed by Beth Teague and Allison O’Neil. Together with music directors Kelsey Grey and Tyler Cook and choreographers Jen Guimond and Rachel Cofsky, the production staff is beginning to piece the show together as the rehearsals draw to a close.

“The rehearsal process is going very well, I am extremely impressed with everyone’s progress,” said co-director Teague. “I am very comfortable with where we are right now. There is no doubt in my mind that we will be putting on an amazing show.”

The cast meets up to five times a week to rehearse blocking, character development, music, and dance, putting in about 20 hours a week. Additionally, the cast works with the production staff to help attain advertisement for the show as well as building the set.

There is also a slight twist with this year’s production. For the first time, MTG has registered for the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, a national festival that has respondents from KCACTF come to judge and critique college productions. 9 to 5 will be the first show MTG has submitted to be critiqued by a respondent, and the cast is working accordingly to make the show as impressive as possible.

Despite this added pressure and the ever-present crunch for time, the cast and production staff of MTG’s 9 to 5 is working diligently as always to produce the best show they can possibly bring.

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