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Syria: a new diplomatic blunder



As of press time, Syria has been accused of new diplomatic blunders, such as four undisclosed locations that are accused of being chemical weapons facilities. Of the four facilities identified to the UN Security Council, three are research and development facilities while the last is accused of being a production facility.

Now why does this matter? Well, I would like to remind everyone about the terms and conditions of the UN resolution that was designed as a deterrent to direct US involvement against the Assad Regime. The United States, or mainly the Obama Administration, accused the regime of launching chemical attacks against its own citizens.  President Obama called it a “line in the sand” that if crossed would call for direct US “intervention.” After the lack of public support both at home and abroad, Obama was forced into using the United Nations as the police force. However, after it became known that a sarin (nerve agent) attack occurred, that was it and the UN stepped in fully.

In August 2013, the UN announced that it would be sending in an investigative team of experts to find whatever truth there was about the Syrian weapons program. They spent about a month investigating the claims and facilities used by the Syrian government. Then, in September 2013, Secretary General Ki-moon released the investigators report that acknowledges a presence of a chemical weapons program in the country.

In the end, the UN Security Resolution called for al-Assad to discontinue the chemical weapons program. Assad declared his administration would fall under full compliance to the resolution and started the process of dismantling the program. A US ship even took hold of 600 tons of chemical weapons from the Syrian Government and dismantled them.

Despite this major step, inspectors have stated they cannot fully deny the existence of undisclosed chemical weapons in the war-torn country.  Last August there were reports of chlorine gas attacks from helicopters (of which CNN reports are only available to the Assad regime).  Ambassadors from around the world denounced the Syrian government for the potential weapons and facilities, while Secretary Kerry found it deeply “troubling” that the facilities could exist and that “potential” chemical attacks could continue to occur on the Syrian people.

I find it difficult to look at this event, simply because it shows that the inevitable flaws of society plague world regulatory forces. Now if this happened when the world still cared about Syria’s civil war, Assad’s government would not only be facing rebels but also an international coalition (probably US lead as usual) attacking everything in sight. This is not the case. The world is too busy with Russian diplomacy and the Ebola hysteria.

Despite the lack of public knowledge of the occurrence, I believe that the punishment is clear.  The Assad regime is in clear violation of both the UN and US policy towards chemical weapon use.  We have already declared Syria open ground for our anti-terrorist drone strikes that we will launch against all ISIS-Al Qaeda- Taliban, etc., groups.  Why not just direct them to chemical terrorists?

Terrorist cells are thriving in the war torn societies surrounding Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan (and arguably Ukraine on a small scale). In order to completely flush out these individuals, the strategy needs to destroy the protective environment that these over-glorified street urchins have thrived in.

Normally I would not side so easily with a choice that will cause a large amount of deaths, but if this order-less area in the Middle East cannot fix itself, we must help.  The question should not be “How many lives will be lost?” Instead it should be “How can we mitigate the loss?”

Whether or not President Obama wants to roll over his policy of drone strikes onto a “sovereign nations” armed forces, since the Assad’s military is by international law the Syrian armed forces, will be a very sticky and important decision that will come in the next few weeks. President Obama, the line you set just under a year ago has been crossed, redrawn, and crossed again. It’s time to protect the innocent lives at risk and end these terror groups’ reign.

The blame is solely on the Assad and other oppressive regimes that have fostered and created the conditions which have allowed both terrorists and corruption not only to survive, but also prosper.  These regimes must be brought down and true democracy must be installed. The people of the Middle East have not seen peace that has only one source in my lifetime, but one thing that can be a source is an international intervention. I mean, can we keep political boundaries drawn by a dictatorial paraplegic with a Napoleonic complex and a morbidly obese female version of Margret Thatcher?  What intellectual society does that?!

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