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SGA Legislature holds shortest meeting of the semester; Chamberlain doles out Spring Weekend information



Due to no guest speakers on the agenda, the last March meeting for the Student Government Association was the fastest meeting of the semester.

     Rebecca DiVico, president of the SGA, gave an update on the Dever Stage Auditorium information that was given to the SGA by Dr. Curt Robie, associate vice president of facilities and operations, two weeks ago.

     The information regarded the time for the Auditorium’s renovation project.

     DiVico said the construction to Dever will begin late December of 2015 or early January of 2016. She said the Auditorium will be out of commission for the spring 2016 semester and summer 2016 but ready to be reopened in the fall 2016 semester.

     “It was okay for me to tell you this information, but, it is not one-hundred percent official yet,” she said.

     DiVico said a survey to see what the student body thinks about the information will be emailed out eventually in the future.

     The madam president ended her report by saying she was very excited for the trivia night after the meeting and she congratulated the classes 2015 and 2017 for their hard work on the Mr. Westfield pageant.

     All of the senators stood up and applauded the classes as well.

     Oliva Dumas, vice president of academic life, reported that class registration is going smoothly this semester. She said early registration on March 25 saw 311 students sign up and the number of students for senior classregistration will be known later in the week.

     Junior’s registration is on Apr. 3 and first year and sophomore fall athletes registration on Apr. 6.

     Daniel Chamberlain, vice president of programming, went over the two emails that were sent to students on Mar. 31 regarding the changes to how students can purchase their tickets and guest passes.

     He said the main change was that students would have to print out their tickets and use that E-ticket to get into the concert.

     Guest passes and tickets went on sale last Wednesday and students are encouraged to read the email, “Spring Weekend Ticket Information/Guest Information for Resident and Commuting Students,” from Barba Hand, staff assistant for student affairs.

     The other email, also from Hand, shows a spring weekend 2015 schedule and some basic rules and regulations regarding the events for the weekend.          Matthew Carlin, vice president of finance, addressed the finance proposal from the Finance Committee regarding allocating funds to the Relay For Life Club. He said the club was asking for $800 to cover one officer and two student security officers for the Apr. 17 and 18 relay for life event as well as $82 to cover half of the $164 for refreshments. Carlin motioned to allocate $882 to the club, which was passed unanimously by the SGA.

     The Finance Committee has $9,929.72 left for the semester.

     Andrew Morin, executive secretary, announced that election packets were available to all students running for any position on the SGA.

     He said signature papers and all election materials are due back to SGA by Friday, Apr. 10 at 5 p.m. and no campaigning of any kind is allowed until after the due date or else that candidate will be possibly pulled from the election. Election voting night is on Apr 21.

     Richard Darrach, president of the class of 2015, said the Mr. Westfield event brought the challenge of raising $7,500 to grant a child a wish from the Make a Wish Foundation.

     He proudly stated that the Mr. Westfield contestants alone, besides the concession and ticket sales, raised $7,500 to grant one wish and that the class of 2015 and 2017 were close to raising enough for a second wish, reaching a total of $12,500 which was $2,500 away from a second wish.

     “I was approached by an anonymous s person who asked me how much more for the second wish and told me he would have a check for me next week,” Darrach said.

     He said the second wish was granted thanks to the anonymous donor and the whole room stood with applauses and cheers.

     Last year’s Mr. Westfield granted two wishes as well.

     He thanked the Class of 2017 for their hard work and hoped the class continues their work in the future.

     In similar fashion Maddie Spillers, president of the class of 2017, thanked the 2015 class for an incredible night and everyone who was involved with the Mr. Westfield pageant. The quick meeting was followed by a trivia night with pizza that lasted close to an hour.

     The next meeting of the Student Government Association will be Apr. 7 at 5:30 p.m. in the Peter D. Mazza Student Government Room in the garden level of Ely by Dunkin’ Donuts.

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